Power Multiple Indoor Intelligence Use Cases

Our comprehensive and configurable indoor technology solutions empower organizations to transform their indoor data into actionable intelligence.

Use Cases

Asset Tracking

Instantly know the real-time location and status of key assets, equipment, vehicles, inventories and more. Use real-time data to help optimize asset workflows, improve asset performance and ensure safer operations.

Collision Avoidance

Create 360° location-aware visibility between vehicles, workers and heavy equipment to help predict potential collisions and automate real-time warnings/responses.

Worker Safety

Enhance physical workplace safety with real-time location and motion alerts.

Device Detection

Locate devices, enforce no-phone zones and enhance investigations by visualizing the devices transmitting within a facility.

Personnel Tracking

Help ensure the safety, efficiency and security of operations by visualizing the real-time location of employees, workers, and visitors throughout large facilities.


Draw virtual boundaries around real world areas to create dynamic safety zones and automatically trigger actions, messages and more on entry, exit or dwelling within a geofenced area.

Physical Security Information & Field Service Management

Improve the indoor spatial awareness of security teams, respond to critical building security issues faster, and optimize resource allocation and routes.

Workplace Optimization

Use reliable indoor data to improve space utilization and workforce productivity in your workplaces.

Building Energy Efficiency & Facilities Management

Increase building efficiencies and optimize performance by tracking and visualizing infrastructure and building systems on a map.

Outdoor-Indoor Navigation

Combine outdoor and indoor navigation for a seamless user experience.

Indoor Navigation & Wayfinding

Add turn-by-turn, landmark based indoor navigation with a blue dot experience.

And More!

These are just a few of the powerful use cases our comprehensive Indoor Intelligence solutions can solve for. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you address your desired use cases.

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