Dynamic Outdoor-Indoor Navigation

Blend outdoor and indoor navigation for seamless transitions and a smooth user experience


The user journey shouldn’t be confined to the walls of a single building. Offer your users a dynamic wayfinding experience that moves seamlessly with them both outside and indoors with outdoor-indoor navigation. Using our Indoor Intelligence platform’s extensible indoor maps, users can begin the journey at home and be guided from their front door to the best available parking spot, and right to their desired destination within a building.

Whether users are travelling from home or between buildings on a larger campus or venue, we enable you to provide true navigational continuity. Combine the power of GPS and IPS to create a user experience that increases satisfaction and retention.

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Seamless Map Transitions

Design a seamless user journey between outdoor and indoor environments for a user experience that delights.

Spatially Accurate

Superimpose geospatially accurate maps on the world map to support fluid outdoor-indoor navigation using GPS and IPS technology.

Integrate with Outdoor Maps

Integrate Inpixon’s indoor maps with popular outdoor mapping solutions such as those provided by Google, Apple, and HERE.

The Building Blocks

Your solution is unique to your business. That’s why we’ve built our platform to be flexible and dynamic, allowing you to integrate with third party applications to solve your unique problems.

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