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Indoor Security: The Rooms that Must be Monitored

4 minute read |
February 27, 2020
On a large corporate campus, there are some areas that require greater sensitivity than others. As we shared in our recent article on smartphones in smart spaces, one of...

Unpacking the Canadian Consumer Retail Research Report

5 minute read |
April 24, 2018
  The Canadian Consumer Retail Research Report, a recent study conducted in 2018 by WisePlum (also available through the Retail Council of Canada) set out to answer four...

Acceptable vs. Creepy: Private Data Sharing Depends on Rewards

4 minute read |
September 14, 2017
How many of you have seen Minority Report? There’s a scene where Tom Cruise is running through a mall. As he passes a digital sign, it shows him a strangely specific,...


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