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New Generation of Technology Takes Wireless Indoor Location Tracking to the Next Level

6 minute read |
July 13, 2016
  Of all the exciting new technologies and applications the explosion of sensors and network-connected things has brought to us, one of the most intriguing has to be...

The Limitations of BLE Beacons for Indoor Location Tracking

4 minute read |
April 14, 2016
Despite being a buzzword for a while now, beacons continue to bring excitement when they’re mentioned in conversation. Healthcare uses them to track inventory and assets,...

The End of Permissionless Location Tracking

5 minute read |
June 26, 2014
Apple sent a collective shudder through location-tracking and mobile marketing companies earlier this month when it announced that its upcoming iOS 8 release will include...

Proximity versus Positioning… What’s the Difference?

8 minute read |
March 7, 2014
As location-based technologies take off there’s lots of hype about proximity versus positioning. Is there a difference, and if so, which is better? There’s little doubt...

Putting Awareness in Context

7 minute read |
February 13, 2014
“Context-Aware” is a technology buzzword getting a lot of misuse and that’s unfortunate because it's actually a pretty cool thing Wander through any of the myriad of...

Warning: Data Overload

3 minute read |
January 15, 2013
Although I wasn’t at CES last week, I believe I can experience the show without the hassle of airfare and hotels. There are lists-a-plenty of the Top 10 Best, Top 10...

International Prison Scandals: Inmates Using Contraband Cell Phones

5 minute read |
August 29, 2012
INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — A drug ring that two Indiana inmates allegedly ran behind bars using cellphones to orchestrate drug purchases and sales shows the risks posed by the...

The Importance of Knowing Your Wireless Environment

3 minute read |
January 24, 2012
“After a security breach at the United States Chamber of Commerce last year, the Chamber discovered that its office printer, and even a thermostat in a Chamber-owned...

Mobile Risk Management: A Gap Analysis and A Paper

2 minute read |
August 9, 2011
  According to the SAIC/McAfee study, there will be 1.8 billion smartphones by 2013.  According to Trusteer, 1 in 20 mobile devices will be compromised by 2012.  That...


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