April 22, 2020

Security Vulnerabilities Facing Modern Workplaces

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As buildings become smarter and more connected, the risks and vulnerabilities that they face change as well. Many organizations have put measures in place to prevent the common physical security issues for office buildings, like property damage and theft. However, exposure to new types of security threats such as rogue devices can be quite alarming for organizations. Since these new security threats are less familiar, they can be more stressful for organizational leaders considering implementing workplace Internet of Things (IoT) technology.

It becomes even more complex as we consider that the technology that enables us to address many physical security concerns can also reveal gaps for cybersecurity risks. A balance between risk, value and compliance must be struck when it comes to the technologies organizations choose to use, and when deciding how to secure them. 

The different types of vulnerabilities buildings face today are vast and complex, but not insurmountable with the right security framework and processes in place. These are a few of the vulnerabilities modern workplaces face:

Physical Intrusion

The concern at the forefront of a building security team’s mind is typically that of physical intruders. When there are people in a space that shouldn’t be, there can be serious outcomes including theft, vandalism, damage to valuable company property, and physical harm to building occupants. One way to mitigate this is by equipping security teams with the tools to visualize devices within a building, and have security systems that can integrate with RF-enabled video surveillance, allowing teams to visually identify unauthorized persons and track their location within the building.

Rogue Devices & Wireless Access Points

How many IP-connected devices do you think there are on your network at this moment? Not knowing how many Wireless Access Points (WAPs) or PCs, laptops, VOIP phones, BYOD devices, tablets, smartphones, fitness trackers and the like are present in a building creates issues in two different realms. For one, it can be difficult to plan for network capacity efficiently. Secondly, it can be difficult to gauge how many devices there are in a building that shouldn’t be there. Not unlike a physical intruder, rogue devices and nefarious WAPs will go unnoticed if one is not aware of how to visualize them in a space, and they can be used to steal information or disrupt network operations. Rogue access points not only make networks more porous, they can also sneak around access controls. Think of it as disabling a building’s alarm and leaving the back door wide open.

The same technology that is used for detecting physical intruders should also be able to provide visibility into the devices transmitting within a facility, and which frequencies they are operating on. An indoor intelligence platform will not only empower security teams to visualize people moving through a space, but also provide the tools to automate device lockdowns in no-phone zones, or automatically disable features such as smartphone cameras in sensitive parts of an office.

Laying a solid technological foundation that creates situational awareness, including wireless intrusion detection, empowers organizations to make smarter more informed decisions around security, risk mitigation and public safety, at scale. To learn more about Wireless Intrusion Detection Systems (WIDS), the different types of RF transmissions to monitor for, and how the same technology that is used for detecting physical intruders can be used to address rogue devices and WAPs, download our white paper, Securing Smart Workspaces for free today.


Image Source: "Surveillance" by jonathan mcintosh is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0
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