Indoor Geofencing

Make your indoor spaces smarter with geofences and location-based services


Use geofences indoors to create a virtual perimeter on a map and target users that cross these virtual boundaries. Geofences can be any size and can be set up to automatically trigger alerts or targeted messages when a user enters, exits or dwells within the predefined area. Monitor traffic within a certain area to gain valuable data and send targeted messages based on this intelligence. Possible applications include sending coupons, prompting surveys, alerting security if a user has entered a restricted area, or triggering MDM policies.

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Control Your Data

Create geofences for visibility of people and assets as they pass through predefined zones.

Deliver Messages

Share relevant information and engage with users with the right message, at the right time.

Gather Intelligence

Monitor traffic and better understand user behavior and patterns based on their physical location within your buildings.

The Building Blocks

Your solution is unique to your business. That’s why we’ve built our platform to be flexible and dynamic, allowing you to integrate with third party applications to solve your unique problems.

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