September 27, 2021

New Release: Inpixon Aware 5.18.2 Feature Roundup

Right now, there are more devices creating and transmitting data than there are people connected to the internet. As the ubiquity of wireless devices and sophistication of attacks continue to accelerate, organizations, including government agencies and enterprise companies, are challenged to continuously defend their security-sensitive facilities (and everything within them) against new wireless threat vectors. Threats can come from anywhere, anyone, any device – both maliciously and inadvertently. This leaves classified materials, intellectual property, data, infrastructure, physical safety and more in constant jeopardy. In this ever-connected landscape, these organizations require innovative indoor security solutions that evolve just as fast as the threats they face to consistently bridge the volatile physical and digital divide. Organizations are also increasingly looking for comprehensive technologies that go beyond traditional security tools to not only provide actionable intelligence to mitigate threats, but also to improve operational efficiency, enhance safety, and drive business results.

Well, look no further! We are pleased to announce the latest version of our wireless device detection and positioning solution, Inpixon Aware, previously known as ZoneDefense, version 5.18.2.


This latest release includes enhancements that make Inpixon Aware more advanced, secure and versatile. The release marks the continued progress of a core Inpixon mission – equipping government and private facilities with Indoor Intelligence technologies to help address growing wireless threats, improve productivity and create smarter, safer, more secure indoor spaces.

Highlights of this release include:

  • Expanded support for deployments with innovative RF technologies and Inpixon’s next-generation multi-technology RF sensors for location-aware solutions
  • Improved system security through Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption with Inpixon’s newest sensor platforms
  • Integration with Inpixon’s nanoLES UWB and chirp (CSS) RTLS software – expanding asset & personnel location tracking capabilities in Inpixon Aware
  • Enhanced system health monitoring/alerts and system tools

These updates and more are available immediately with Inpixon Aware 5.18.2.

The integration with Inpixon’s nanoLES RTLS software is an exciting development that allows Inpixon Aware to ingest location data from nanoLES, alongside compatible Inpixon sensors and RTLS anchors, to visualize the location of UWB and chirp (CSS) tracking tags affixed to employees, visitors, key business assets, mobile equipment and more. This strengthens Inpixon Aware’s ability to provide both wireless device detection and indoor positioning, not only in security-oriented scenarios, but also for near real-time asset and personnel tracking that can help improve safety and operational efficiency.

Inpixon Aware is designed to help corporate enterprises and governmental agencies combat theft of confidential information and to enhance safety and productivity by providing visibility into the location of wireless devices, people and critical assets within indoor spaces. Inpixon Aware uses radio-frequency (RF) sensors to detect and locate active Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, cellular and UWB wireless transmissions emanating from phones, smartwatches, tablets, computers, access points, IoT devices, tracking tags and more. Security personnel can locate untrusted wireless devices, enforce no-phones zones, geofence areas to receive alerts when devices move into and out of the zones, trigger mobile device management (MDM) policies that restrict usage in high-security areas, and register wireless medical devices such as hearing aids and pacemakers. The solution can also be utilized to monitor the location of visitors to the facility and to locate key personnel and assets in order to enhance security and situational awareness. Inpixon security solutions have earned multiple industry honors including the Security Excellence Award and the IoT Sensor Company of the Year Award and are trusted in some of the most demanding high-security sites world-wide.

To learn more about how wide-spectrum RF detection and precise indoor positioning can reduce risk and help protect buildings, employees, and data, contact our team today!

This blog post contains forward looking statements which are subject to risks and uncertainties. Please click here to learn more.

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