Indoor Intelligence for Corrections Facilities

Cellular device detection, locationing and management solutions

Combat the Menace of Rogue Devices and Address Potential Threats 

Correctional institutions have been plagued by the presence of rogue phones being smuggled into their facilities. Phones have been known to coordinate prison uprisings, facilitate crime on the outside, and to coordinate the smuggling of more contraband into prisons. With Inpixon’s Indoor Intelligence solutions, prison managers can detect, locate and manage unauthorized and authorized cell phones and other wireless devices within correctional facilities in a safe and flexible manner.

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Key Benefits


Create a virtual security dome around a correctional facility that is compliant with federal regulations and doesn’t interfere with neighbors’ communications.

Comprehensive Visibility

Help eliminate contraband phones and identify rogue devices operating in restricted areas. Visualize devices in the context of a map.

Continuous Monitoring

Passively monitor prisons on a 24/7/365 basis, alerting correctional staff to the precise location of a rogue phone within a split second of initial detection.

Register, Detect and Monitor Devices Within a Facility

Leverage a proven solution used by governments, military installations and law enforcement agencies around the globe.

Building Blocks of Indoor Intelligence

Equip yourself with the tools to capture, interpret and give context to your indoor data.

Indoor Mapping

Integrate business data with indoor maps to create tailored map-enabled solutions that address multiple use cases.

Indoor Positioning

Make indoor spaces discoverable using Inpixon’s award-winning sensor technology or by leveraging your existing technology ecosystem.

Indoor Security

Create situational awareness with precise indoor positioning and wireless device detection and make informed decisions around security, risk mitigation and public safety.

Indoor Analytics

Turn your data into intelligence with AI-powered analytics so you can gain valuable insights into how people interact with your space.

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