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Outdoor GPS Tracking Technology

Ground Positioning and Situational Awareness

For clients whose intelligence needs expand outdoors, Inpixon provides ground positioning, asset tracking, and situational awareness monitoring through its line of innovative, secure Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking products. Inpixon leverages mission-critical wireless designs and leading cellular LTE network operators to offer portable, low-power GPS trackers with global connectivity and rugged, encrypted long-range positioning systems for ground mission deployments.

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Key Benefits

Extendable Range

Extend system 40-mile line of sight range with receivers and solar-powered repeaters or mount to vehicles with high-gain RF and GPS antennas for improved range. 

Cost Effective

A cost-effective solution for accurate Time-Space-Position Information (TSPI) with up to 90% savings compared to existing encrypted, long-range GPS solutions.

Live Operations Display

Display Transmitter and Receiver status: Transmit power, interval, GPS fix status and battery life.

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