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On-Device Indoor Positioning

Inpixon On-Device Positioning™ - Leverage precise indoor micro-location positioning

What is On-Device Positioning?

On-device positioning is a type of indoor positioning system that enables a smartphone’s precise location to be displayed to a user in a mobile app. Specialized algorithms and on-device technology enable sensor fusion by combining data from various sensors including accelerometers, gyroscopes, compass, GPS and BLE radio scanning to position the blue dot and correct drift.

How Does it Work?

Inpixon On-Device Positioning is comprised of reliable and precise indoor micro-location positioning, a cloud-based human motion data analytics engine, and a real-time worker motion dashboard. This software-based advanced sensor fusion engine runs entirely on a smartphone, smartwatch or other IoT wearable device. Location and motion data can be transmitted to the cloud and is available locally on mobile devices or via control center dashboards for analytics.

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Key Benefits


Power on-device positioning in your existing mobile apps


Easily implement BLE beacons or leverage your existing deployment.


Gain insights into user movement in your space.

Create Smart Indoor Spaces with Accurate Blue Dot Positioning on Mobile Devices

Inpixon's patented on-device technology, Inpixon On-Device Positioning, enables sensor fusion by combining data from various sensors, including but not limited to accelerometers, gyroscopes, compass and BLE beacons, to accurately position a blue dot on a device.

Our best-in-class solution for device positioning can operate without the internet enabling powerful location-based use cases such as wayfinding, man-down, body movement, direction facing, enter-exit alerts, people counting or other IoT applications.

Additional Components of Indoor Intelligence

Equip yourself with the tools to capture, interpret and give context to your indoor data.

Indoor Mapping

Integrate business data with indoor maps to create tailored map-enabled solutions that address multiple use cases.

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Indoor Security

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Indoor Analytics

Turn your data into intelligence with AI-powered analytics so you can gain valuable insights into how people interact with your space.

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