Inpixon Personnel Tag

Durable and Wearable UWB Tag for Proximity, Blue Dot and Activity Monitoring

The Inpixon RTLS personnel tag held between the index finger and thumb for scale.

The Inpixon Personnel Tag is a sturdy and compact ultra-wideband (UWB) RF personnel tracking tag that enables distance, activity, sensor, and location tracking in large-scale RTLS environments with centimeter-level accuracy.

With its deployment-ready design, the Inpixon Personnel Tag reduces time-to-market and cost. Designed for business operations in indoor scenarios, the Inpixon Personnel Tag features integrated wireless charging, provides accurate location data, and two configurable location blink modes - on motion and while stationary. Both modes have a freely configurable blink interval to allow for adjustments to the required response times for movement.

The Personnel Tag adds a high level of transparency through location awareness for location-based services. Its wireless OTA configurability makes the Inpixon Personnel Tag adaptable to support a multitude of location related use cases such as surveillance, compliance, and evacuation requirements.

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Personnel Tag Technical Specifications Features

Key Benefits

Precision Accuracy

Pinpoint UWB RF technology with up to 40m range at ±40 cm accuracy.

Real-Time Visibility

Create transparency throughout your facility to monitor personnel and for overall visibility.


Expand deployments to thousands of concurrent tag tracking.

Inpixon Personnel Tag Highlights

Technical Specifications

Frequency Band
Channel 5, 6489.6 MHz, BW 499.2 MHz
Radio Data Rates
6.8 Mbps
Transmit Power Density1
< -41.3 dBm/MHz
RF Sensitivity1
-93 dBm
±40 cm
Operational Range2
apx. 40 m
RTLS Static Blink Rate3
configurable, 5 minutes default
RTLS Motion Blink Rate3
configurable, 0.5 seconds default
Tri-Axial Accelerometer
± 2 g/ ± 4 g/ ± 8 g/ ± 16 g configurable, 4 g default
Accelerometer Resolution
12 bit
Temperature Measurement Range
-30 °C to +70 °C (1 °C steps)
Temperature Measurement Accuracy
± 0.5 °C
Power Input / Battery Charging4
Wireless Qi Charging
Battery Charging Temperature5
0 to +35° C
Charging Duration6
2-5 hours
Battery Life Default Settings7
apx. 16 hours
Battery Life Individual
1 to 60 days depending on blink rate
Battery Life Default Settings7
apx. 16 hours
Battery Life Default Settings7
apx. 16 hours
59.75 × 33.5 × 15 mm
apx. 30 grams
Operating Temperature Range
-20 to +60 °C
IP Rating8
Software Compatibility
Inpixon nanoLES Location Engine
Location Protocols
Dedicated Inpixon API commands
Over the air
Flashing (FW update)
Over the air

1 Ch 5, PRF 16 MHz, Preamble 256 bits
2 Real World Line of sight
3 100 ms to max. 24 hours configurable
4 Contact your sales representative for recommendations for Qi chargers
5 Risk of damage if temperature is exceeded
6 Depending on remaining capacity and temperature
7 Default Setting: 1h blink interval if stationary and 10s blink interval if moving. Assumption: asset is 90% stationary and 10% moving
8 IP rating expires if device is opened

Dimensions 59.75 x 33.5 x 15 mm


Inpixon RTLS Personnel Tags

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