Inpixon Pod

Detect the Presence of Wi-Fi Devices

Build a Solid Wi-Fi Positioning Solution

To get the most out of a Wi-Fi solution, you need a powerful sensor that is both high-performance and delivers superior coverage. The Inpixon Pod is a Wi-Fi sensor that can be deployed to expand coverage areas of existing wireless infrastructure or as standalone units for comprehensive Wi-Fi device detection and positional accuracy under 10 meters with calibration and setup.

How it Works

Compact and lightweight, the Inpixon Pod sensor is easy to deploy in your indoor space and can build on existing access points for enhanced device detection and positioning of Wi-Fi devices, both on and off your network. The sensor and your access points (APs) work together to detect transmitting Wi-Fi devices and pinpoint their locations via sensor trilateration. Sensor and AP data is ingested by Inpixon’s indoor intelligence platform to visualize the presence, location, and movements of WI-Fi devices, as well as translate the location data into illuminating visitor analytics.

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Key Benefits

Extend Coverage - See More

Install Pods in the areas where your access points aren’t reaching for coverage across your entire indoor space, not just in proximity to your APs. With better coverage, you can detect and locate more devices.

Superior Accuracy

Leverage multi-sensor trilateration, advanced algorithms, and self-calibration tools for unrivaled positional accuracy.

Flexible Installation

Inpixon Pod’s small form factor, versatile power and communication options, and easy to use mounting kit allow for simple installation into your indoor space.

Increase Coverage and Detection

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