Inpixon Sensor Ultra

Precision UWB Tracking + Comprehensive Device Detection and Positioning

Powerful Sensor Built for All of Your Indoor Location-Based Use Cases

Ultra-wideband (UWB) is a game-changing technology that can power some of the most precise asset tracking use cases. Incorporating UWB with Wi-Fi and BLE sensing technology, the Inpixon Sensor Ultra delivers comprehensive wireless device detection and precision UWB tracking.

How it Works

Discreetly deployed into indoor spaces, Inpixon Sensor Ultra sensors track your UWB enabled assets and passively scans your radio frequency (RF) environment for signals from Wi-Fi and BLE devices. The sensors detect UWB tagged assets and transmitting wireless devices to pinpoint their locations. Sensor data is ingested by Inpixon’s indoor intelligence platform to visualize the presence, location, and movements of assets, personnel, and devices.

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Key Benefits

High Accuracy Asset Tracking

Experience asset tracking like never before, with ultra-wideband technology that provides location accuracy of UWB tagged assets and personnel down to centimeter-level.

Comprehensive Device Detection & Positioning

Passively detect signals across the RF spectrum for enhanced device visibility within your premises. Track Wi-Fi, BLE/Bluetooth devices without requiring network connectivity or an app.

Enterprise Class

Create visibility into the location and status of key assets, equipment and personnel and power-location aware business use cases with Inpixon’s scalable solutions.

Powerful Sensors for Extreme Coverage

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