Digital Supply Chain Tracking Tag for Outdoor Tracking

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The AssetTAG+ is a unique, multi-sensor asset tracking device that enables global real-time location tracking outdoors. This rugged tag can utilize GPS, cloud-assisted GNSS, and cellular triangulation as well as reverse geocoding for Wi-Fi and known BLE beacons to determine its location. This robust, multi-tech approach makes it ideal for tracking shipping containers, trucks, vans, trailers, load carriers, IBC containers and other moving assets.

With integrated sensors to measure temperature, humidity, acceleration and shock, the AssetTAG+ detects and triggers alerts for deviations from set target values (i.e.: fluid leakage, impact, vibration, temperature deviation, and more) and automatically transitions with changes to environmental conditions between outdoor and indoor tracking.

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Key Benefits

Long Lasting

Transmit over 3,000 position reports.

10-Year Standby Time

Reliable and constant supply chain monitoring.


FCC and CE (RED) certified with silicon free IP65-certified housing to protect against dirt, water, and damage.

AssetTAG+ Highlights

Technical Specifications

Outdoor (GNSS)
GPS & cellular location with <1 ppm timing accuracy
All-in-one GNSS/GPS receiver
Autonomous: 147 dBm
Hot Start: 156 dBm
Reacquisition: 160 dBm
Tracking: 162 dBm
Position Accuracy (CEP)
Autonomous: < 2.5m
TTFF (Open Sky)
Cold Start: 27s avg.
Warm Start: 27s avg.
Hot Start: 1s avg.
Update Frequency
Adjustable from min. 5 mins to hours
Cellular Data Transmission
LTE CAT M, NB-IoT (5G) & GSM (2G) Fallback
Cat M1/Cat NB1
LTE FDD: B1/B2/B3/B4/B5/B8/B12/B13/B18/B19/B20/B25/B28
LTE TDD: B39 (for Cat.M1 only)
eMTC (DL) 375 Kbps
eMTC (UL) 375 Kbps
NB1 (DL) 32 Kbps
NB1 (UL) 70 Kbps
850/900/1800/1900 MHz, GPRS multi-slot class 33 (33 by default), EDGE multi-slot class 33 (33 by default)
Memory for up to 20,000 positions
Physical Connectors
Multi-pin connector, Micro SIM card slot
Multi-LED (cell, power, GNSS)
Integrated Sensors
Motion sensor (accelerometer)
Sensorbus for Extension
For temperature, humidity, vibration, CO2 gas and more
External Sensor Interface
PT1000 temperature sensor
Over-the-Air (OTA) configuration for e.g. remote settings and adaptive tracking rate (requires INTRANAV.IO Platform)
Internal pins for on/off functionality
M2M SIM card slot
Barcode & QR code label
BLE (optional, can be activated)
Motion Standby
Smart standby with motion detection
Maximum Battery Lifetime
3,000 position reports with 2G
Command Set
@track protocol command
Working Modes
Power saving mode for long standby time and continuous mode for emergency tracking
Scheduled Timing Report
Report position and status at preset time intervals
Support up to 5 internal geofence regions & thousands on INTRANAV.IO
Low Power Alarm
Alarm when internal battery is low
Wakeup Report
Report when the device wakes up
Motion Detection
Motion detection based on internal 3-axis accelerometer
Reporting Frequency Adjustment
Intelligent adjustment of reporting frequency
Airplane Mode
Automatic based on G sensor info or timer manually set by remote command from server
4x Lithium CR123A
Operating Temperature
-15°C to +60°C
Storage Temperature
-20°C to +70°C
Protection Class
IP65 (IP67 upgrade upon request)
149 x 86 x 32 mm (without connector)
Approximately 280 g

Dimensions 149 x 85 x 32 mm


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