April 8, 2024

Inpixon Introduces New UWB Tag Module for Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS), Collision Avoidance Ranging, and Data Communication

The Qorvo-Powered, Extended Range, High Accuracy Modules are Integrator-Ready for Reduced Time-to-Market Location Intelligence Solutions  

Palo Alto, CA, USA, April 8, 2024 -- Inpixon, a leading provider of real-time location systems (RTLS), today announced the launch of its newest smart tag module, the Inpixon Swarm UWB V3, supporting a range of indoor location applications including RTLS, ranging for proximity detection and collision avoidance, and two-way data communication. The tag module operates in conjunction with Inpixon RTLS anchors and the full-stack Inpixon RTLS platform.  

NANOTRON_0039_bThe Inpixon Swarm UWB is a miniaturized radio transceiver module that can easily be embedded into small tags that transmit a signal allowing them to be located in real-time. These tags can be built into wearable IoT devices -- everything from wristbands and visitor badges to belt clips and mining helmets -- or they can be integrated into tags that are affixed to assets such as equipment for warehouses and factories, like forklifts, containers, pallets, or theft-prone items. As part of a location intelligence system, the smart tags help enable a wide range of use cases including asset tracking, worker safety, proximity alerts, visitor management, vehicle collision avoidance, and more.  

"Our newest UWB module is a great choice for existing and new integrators, and for OEMs who are looking for a versatile, reliable, quick-to-market smart tag solution," said Soumya Das, Inpixon CEO. "It already includes an on-board microcontroller unit (MCU), Qorvo’s high accuracy UWB transceiver, universal asynchronous receiver/transmitter (UART), 3D accelerometer and temperature sensors, BLE and a highly flexible and comprehensive API set. Our partners cut the time to market by simply adding their choice of housing, antenna and power source, and they've got a finished product without having to write firmware or to deal with RF design or low-level chip drivers." 

Jordi Vallejo, Inpixon’s head of engineering, commented, "The Inpixon Swarm UWB offers a particularly compelling combination of attributes. First off, we made it design compatible to its robust outdoor-capable chirp spread spectrum (CSS) sibling module. Further, the UWB variant now supports firmware-over-the-air (FOTA) updates and configurability, which enables customers to realize lower infrastructure and maintenance costs, while also achieving superior robustness and reliability of communication. Additionally, its new BLE capability extends its connectivity and configurability as well as maintainability through, for example, smartphones.”  

Dr. Norman Dziengel, Inpixon’s senior product manager, noted, “Customers have integrated our location technologies into a variety of products and use cases for decades. This new UWB module has already received strong positive feedback, particularly about the extended range, high reliability, and low effort to integrate."  

To speak with a product specialist about the Inpixon Swarm UWB module, please visit Inpixon at Embedded World in the Qorvo booth, hall 4, stand #4-578 (Nürnberg Germany, April 9-11, 2024). Or, visit inpixon.com. For technical specifications, please go to Inpixon’s Swarm UWB Module page.  

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