Inpixon Swarm UWB


Ultra-Wideband Radio and Sensor Module for RTLS

The new and compact Inpixon Swarm UWB, (its predecessor is known as Swarm Bee ER), featuring a Qorvo Ultra-Wideband (UWB) transceiver, is an advanced wireless UWB module for location-based applications. It is designed for enhanced resolution and precise (TDoA) real-time location tracking. Tailored for applications demanding highly accurate distance or location information, the Inpixon Swarm UWB achieves centimeter-level indoor positioning accuracy.

Boasting superior range capabilities, exceeding 80 meters, this module expedites custom device designs, minimizing development complexity and costs through its integrated features and components. It offers easy placement on PCBs, either manually or through automation.

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Key Benefits


Operate as a stand-alone for lowest possible cost or with an external host controller for additional item intelligence.

3 in 1

The radio module features an embedded MCU, UWB transciever, RF front end, 3D accelerometer, and temperature sensors. Additionally, it offers support for BLE* and NFC* for enhanced connectivity. (*Through upcoming firmware updates)

Fast Time-To-Market

The user-friendly API accelerates development, shortens integration times and reduces time to market by up to one year. Simplifies application creation, minimizes development effort on high-level coding and increases ROI.

Inpixon Swarm UWB Highlights

Technical Specifications

Key Frequency Bands
6 bands with fc from 3.5 to 6.5 GHz
Data Rates
110 kbps, 850 kbps, 6.8 Mbps
Packet Size
up to 103 Bytes
TOA Capture Accuracy
< 0.33 ns (10 cm)
Ranging Distance
max 50 m - 80 m
MCU Type
Arm Cortex M4
Transmit Power Density
-41.3 dBm/MHz (Channel 5 6.5 GHz)
RF Sensitivity @ 110 Kbps1
-106 dBm typ.
RF sensitivity @ 6.8 Mbps1
-94 dBm typ.
RF Interface
50 Ω RF port (for external antenna)
Host Interface (UART)
115 kbps to 1 Mbps2
Power Supply
3.3 V – 5.5 V
Active Power Consumption TX
max. 90 mA
Active Power Consumption RX
max. 150 mA
Power Consumption in Sleep Mode
6.5 mA (transceiver disabled, all peripherals on)
Power Consumption in Snooze Mode
max. 7 µA (transceiver disabled, all peripherals off, wake-up by timer)
Power Consumption in Nap Mode
20 µA - max. 500 µA (peripherals configuration dependent)
Power Consumption in Deep-Sleep Mode
< 3 µA (device completely disabled)
Operating Temperature Range
-30 – +85 °C
22 x 23 x 4.4 mm
4 g

1 Mode Dependent
2 Discrete value selection in [Baud]: 115200; 230400; 250000; 460800; 921600; 1000000

NANOTRON_0039_aDimensions: 22 x 23 x 4.4 mm

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