October 14, 2021

Upcoming Webinar: Manufacturing, Logistics and Warehousing – Top 5 RTLS Challenges and How to Fix Them

Industry 4.0 is here and many manufacturing, logistics and warehousing leaders are looking to implement seamless RTLS solutions that give them the data to maximize efficacy and efficiency. By harnessing the modern capabilities of RTLS, companies can significantly boost their operations, streamline their workflows and reach revenue goals faster.

5 RTLS Challenges and How to Fix Them with Intranav - Oct 2021

However, designing and deploying a RTLS is a complex project, especially when dealing with new and upgraded devices, software and environments. As a result of this, many organizations run into common blockers that hinder the implementation of their industry 4.0 strategy and slow down their ability to stay competitive in the global market.

To help companies overcome these challenges and successfully implement their industry 4.0 RTLS systems, Inpixon is partnering with leading industrial manufacturing & logistics solutions provider, INTRANAV, for a live webinar where we will highlight the top five challenges encountered when setting up RTLS for manufacturing, logistics and warehousing and how to solve them.

Manufacturing, Logistics and Warehousing
Top 5 RTLS Challenges and How to Fix Them

Wednesday, October 27 @ 10am ET / 4pm CEST
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In this webinar, we will dive deeper into:

  • Top 5 Key RTLS Challenges: We’ll reveal the five most common issues encountered when designing and implementing your RTLS, the root causes to these issues and how to diagnose them at your facilities.
  • Top Solutions for Each Issue: Our INTRANAV and Inpixon experts will highlight the most effective long-term solution for each problem, why it works and how to apply it at your company.
  • Long-Term ROI of a Well-Implemented RTLS: We will dive into the long-term value of solving these issues in your RTLS, including refined eCommerce logistics, transparency in production tracking and material flow and greater efficiency in yard and inventory management

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from RTLS experts on how to optimize your operations.

We look forward to seeing you there.

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