Livestock Tracking & RFID Location Technologies for Health Monitoring and Management

Real-time location for 24/7 health & movement tracking and proactive illness detection

Use Real-Time Visibility to Keep Animals Happy, Healthy and Productive

The agricultural industry faces strains from a volatile market, accelerating demand to feed a growing global population and evolving health, safety and environmental concerns. This has made keeping livestock healthy and productive a key to business continuation, success and a sustainable future.

To address these challenges and meet emerging regulatory requirements, farmers are increasingly seeking RFID technologies capable of delivering timely insights for each and every member of their herd.

Inpixon’s real-time location technology enables you to correlate animal location and movement with health status. Create real-time visibility to enable 24/7 health and behavior monitoring for cattle, sheep, and other animals on your farm. With real-time location you can automate detection of potential health issues for more proactive prevention and treatment, allowing for healthier and more profitable outcomes.

  • Precisely track each individual animal and overall heard
  • Use location to analyze activity, health, heat and rumination
  • Power real-time health warnings, inactivity alerts, and more
  • Detect unusual behavior and potential illness
  • Geofencing for real-time alerts & event detection
  • Scalable to track thousands of animals indoors and out

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Livestock Tracking Benefits

Detect Potential Illness Early

Pair real-time location with behavioral algorithms to analyze movement patterns. Automate detection of unusual activity, stress, potential rumination, and early signs of infection, disease, and other issues. Proactively respond to increase successful outcomes, decrease treatment costs, and improve animal well-being.

Improve Productivity

Save hours eliminating manual searches and checks for individual animals and increase profitability. Improve yield and reduce operational costs. Boost product quality by decreasing medication levels, supporting more free-range time and ensuring a happier, healthier herd. Uncover valuable insights and patterns into how animals travel, dwell and behave across your farm. Identify areas of improvement, inefficiencies and more.

Ensure Compliance, Scalability and Accuracy

Meet existing and emerging global compliance requirements mandating the use of RFID to track cattle. Scale solutions to enable real-time tracking for thousands of animals indoors and out in harsh agricultural environments. Leverage precision UWB and long-range chirp to experience a superior mix of accuracy, range and reliability for performance that supports diverse livestock tracking needs.

Advanced RFID for Accurate, Reliable and Scalable Performance in Rugged Agricultural Environments

Chirp Spread Spectrum (CSS)

  • Accuracy: 1-2 m*
  • Long-Range: 10-500 m*
  • Low Latency:
    • TDoA: < 1 ms second to get location*
    • TWR: < 3 ms*
  • CSMA support to protect against RF interference, multipath fading and doppler effect
  • Very low power consumption


  • Precision Accuracy: +/- 40 cm*
  • Range: 10-50 m*
  • Low Latency:
    • TDoA: < 1 ms to get location*
    • TWR: < 5 ms*
  • Immune to narrowband RF interference
  • Low power consumption

*With optimal conditions and deployment

Real-Time Visibility for Intelligent Livestock Management

Inpixon helps you meet RFID livestock tracking compliance requirements and create healthier and more productive agricultural environments.

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