Immediate Availability: Dual Channel NDIR CO2 Gas Sensor Module

Low-Power, Compact, Cost-Effective CO2 Modules

Monitor indoor air quality for CO2 concentrations up to 5,000 ppm

Inpixon SG112A CO2 Sensor ModuleThe Inpixon SG112A CO2 sensor module is an affordable and compact IoT sensor module that uses advanced non-dispersive infrared technology to deliver high accuracy monitoring of ambient air quality within commercial buildings.

Delivering long-term stability, this sensor features configurable concentration alarm indication levels for situational awareness that helps accurately identify harmful fluctuations.

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Inpixon SG112A CO2 Sensor Module Comparison Chart

Inpixon CO2 Sensor Chart


CO2 Sensor Key Benefits


High accuracy CO2 concentration monitoring up to 5,000 ppm

Advanced Technology

Compact, low-power CO2 sensor module

Seamless Integration

Pre-calibrated integration-ready design

Incorporate Inpixon’s CO2 Sensor Module into Devices Requiring CO2 Monitoring Indoors

The Inpixon CO2 sensor module helps monitor air quality within commercial buildings for critical visibility to ensure a safer, more productive indoor environment.