Inpixon Swarm Chirp

Compact, Low-Power, Chirp Radio and Sensor Module

Product photography for the Inpixon Swarm Chirp RTLS sensor module, formerly known as the nanotron swarm bee LE

The Inpixon Swarm Chirp (formerly swarm bee LE) is a 2.4 GHz Chirp Spread Spectrum (CSS) module suitable for a multitude of IoT implementations. Its small form factor, low power consumption and long-range transceiver makes it ideal for wearable IoT devices and discreet product designs and can be used for personnel, equipment, and asset tracking products where indoor and outdoor location sensing is critical.

This miniaturized radio transceiver features embedded accelerometer and temperature sensors and has a configurable transmission power output to further stabilize communication reliability and connection robustness. Far exceeding typical radio and sensor module application ranges, the Inpixon Swarm Chirp is capable of a radio range up to 1,000 meters.

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Key Benefits

Small Form Factor

Its small footprint makes it suitable for wearables, asset tags or cap-lamps.

3 in 1

Enable concurrent tracking, ranging and data communication in a single RTLS solution.

Fast Time-To-Market

Low external component requirements cut integration time.

Inpixon Swarm Chirp Highlights

“Selectronic uses the Inpixon Swarm Chirp V3 location and ranging module for collision warning systems with reliable results. It is a small and powerful module with excellent ranges and response times. Our customers are very satisfied.”

Jens Richter, CEO, Selectronic

Technical Specifications

Frequency Range
ISM band 2.4 GHz (2.4 – 2.4835 GHz)
Chirp Spread Spectrum (CSS)
Transmission Modes
80 MHz, 1 Mbps or 250 Kbps (80/1 or 80/4 mode)
TOA Capture Resolution
< 1 ns
Typical Air Time Per Ranging Cycle
1.8 ms
RF Output Power
configurable – 12 to +20 dBm
Receive Sensitivity
-89 dBm typ. @80/1 mode
-95 dBm typ. @80/4 mode
RF Interface
50 Ω RF port (for external antenna)
Host Interface (UART)
115 kbps ~ 1 Mbps
Power Supply
3.3V – 5.5 V
Max. Supply Voltage Ripple
20 mVpp
Active Power Consumption1
230 mA during transmission, 55 mA during receive in 80/1 mode
Power Consumption in Sleep Mode1
6.5 mA (transceiver disabled, all peripherals on)
Power Consumption in Snooze Mode1
3 µA (transceiver disabled, all peripherals off, wake-up by timer)
Power Consumption in Nap Mode2
20 ~ 500 µA (transceiver disabled, all peripherals off, wake-up by interrupt)
Power Consumption in Deep-Sleep Mode1
< 3 µA (device completely disabled)
Operating Temperature Range
-30 ∼ +85 °C
22 x 23 x 4.4 mm
4 g
Compliance with WEEE, RoHS, REACH standards

1 Power consumption in all modes is measured at 20°C, 3.3 V
2 Power consumption in nap mode depends on interrupt sources (GPIO pins or MEMS or both)

The circuit board for the Inpixon Swarm Chirp RTLS sensor module.Dimensions 22 x 23 x 4.4 mm

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