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Inpixon UWB RTLS Evaluation Kit

See How Precise RTLS Can Change your Operations

Forward-looking organizations are increasingly looking to embrace location-aware IoT technologies support deployments in industrial facilities like factories, warehouses and mines, as well as other enterprise-grade environments. Leveraging our versatile RTLS components, patented technologies and industry expertise spanning over a decade, the Inpixon RTLS Evaluation Kits provide you with an easy-to-use, high-performance platform that simplifies your evaluation of RTLS technology.

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What's Included

Inpixon UWB RTLS Evaluation Kits include all the components you’ll need to quickly and easily activate precise real-time location tracking in your preliminary IoT projects. All equipment and content utilized in your evaluation deployment can be utilized in your complete solution.


Inpixon RTLS Anchors

Our evaluation kits include 4 of our deployment ready precise UWB RTLS anchors. Inpixon RTLS anchors feature an industrial-grade design, can support bidirectional communication and leverage our patented virtual anchor synchronization techniques to deliver unparalleled scalability and performance that supports deployments of thousands of concurrently tracked tags.


Inpixon RTLS Tags

Our evaluation kits include three Inpixon Personnel Tags. Featuring low-power consumption, wireless configurability and industrial-grade reliability, Inpixon RTLS tags offer deployment-ready hardware that you can easily set up, configure and maintain. Supporting ranging, real-time tracking and bi-directional communication all with one device, and with data from multiple embedded sensors (location blink, battery voltage, temperature, and accelerometer); our tags provide superior versatility enabling a multitude of location-aware use cases. Customers using Inpixon RTLS Evaluation Kits also have the option to develop customized tags for their unique project using our tag modules, chip or open blink communication format. Our RTLS anchors can also detect any Decawave DW1000-based UWB tag using our open “Blink” communication format.


Inpixon nanoLES RTLS Software

Inpixon nanoLES is Inpixon’s location engine software for both UWB and Chirp RTLS deployments. nanoLES ingests the complete location and sensor data-stream in real-time and is directly connected to our RTLS anchors to calculate native TDoA-based positions of tags via precise time-of-arrival stamps (ToA). Its proven scalability qualifies Inpixon nanoLES for industrial applications requiring longer range and cm-level positioning accuracy for up to thousands of concurrently tracked IoT devices. Inpixon nanoLES supports the industrial RESTful API interface allowing for simplified management of your RTLS deployment and seamless integration with third party IoT platforms and systems.


System Components & Accessories

Inpixon RTLS Evaluation Kits come contained in a rugged case for transportation, protection and storage of your kit. Inside the case are other components you’ll need for your evaluation deployment, including a PoE switch, tag charger and all the required network cabling. Our kits also come with accessories to help elevate your deployment, including tag lanyards, stands, and safety vest with tag holder.


Guides & Professional Support

Inpixon RTLS Evaluation Kit’s come with detailed step-by-step guides to help you easily activate your evaluation deployment. If needed, Inpixon is also here for hands-on support and guidance throughout your evaluation.

Key Benefits

Precise UWB RTLS

Accelerate innovation by seeing how our UWB technology can help you precisely track the real-time location of personnel and visitors through high 10-50 cm location accuracy.

Performance & Scalability

Our RTLS technology delivers high accuracy, superior reliability, and low-latency capable of supporting thousands of concurrently tracked tags for real-time visibility that powers mission-critical use cases.

Quick Installation

Quickly and easily install, configure and integrate location tracking in your IoT project with our simple architecture, guides and expert support.

Inpixon UWB RTLS Evaluation Kit Highlights

Inpixon RTLS Evaluation Kits

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