Collision Awareness & Avoidance Systems

Prevent costly incidents in mining & factory environments with proximity detection

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Automate rapid prevention of collisions between vehicles, personnel and heavy equipment in factories, warehouses, and mines, with collision awareness and avoidance systems (CAS) powered by real-time location data. Use custom RTLS tags for 360° location-aware visibility between workers and assets, like forklifts, to quickly predict potential collisions and trigger real-time warnings, audible or visual alarms, or specific actions like speed reduction, emergency braking and more.

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It’s been estimated that forklift accidents account for over 20,000 serious injuries and $3.7 billion in costs per year, in the US alone (OSHA.)

According to OSHA 70% of these workplace accidents could have been prevented.
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Did You Know?

Inpixon’s flexible technology provides you with the tools you need to integrate real-time distance monitoring into IoT-enabled safety platforms and devices. Ensure high accuracy, low-latency, and superior reliability to meet the needs of mission-critical CAS applications. Scale to support unlimited tag capacity and full facility coverage indoors, outdoors, and underground across unpredictable industrial environments.

With Inpixon, you can harness the power of real-time location to safeguard worker health and productivity by preventing costly workplace accidents and collisions.



Enable real-time ranging in CAS applications with high accuracy, low-latency and superior reliability for performance in mission-critical scenarios and in harsh industrial environments.


Create location-aware visibility that can power automated detection of potential collisions and trigger alerts, warnings, and actions to prevent and reduce workplace accidents that can result in critical injuries and death. Ensure a safety-first environment that protects the health and well-being of your organization’s greatest asset – its people.


Safeguard workplace productivity by using real-time location and CAS to reduce costly workplace accidents that can lead to damaged vehicles, equipment and property, diminished operational efficiency, low employee morale, production line disruptions and more.

“Selectronic uses the Inpixon Swarm Chirp V3 location and ranging module for collision warning systems with reliable results. It is a small and powerful module with excellent ranges and response times. Our customers are very satisfied.”

Jens Richter, CEO, Selectronic

"Working with Inpixon's Chirp is a no-brainer as it allows the integration of a wide range of applications within our IMAGINETM solution suite. These applications, including asset tracking, collision awareness, ventilation on demand, traffic management and many more, increase safety and productivity for the mining industry while contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gases."

Kim Valade, General Manager, MegLab

Becker Mining Systems logo"At Becker Mining, we have integrated Inpixon location technologies into a range of products for over four years now. We decided to also integrate the Swarm Chirp into Becker’s new generation of underground collision avoidance system."


Real-Time Location Technologies for CAS

Chirp Spread Spectrum (CSS)

  • Accuracy: 1-2 m*
  • Long-Range: 10-500 m* (indoor and outdoor)
  • Low Latency: < 3 ms*
  • High Update Rate: Up to 100Hz
  • CSMA support to protect against RF interference, multipath fading and doppler effect
  • Very low power consumption


  • Precision Accuracy: +/- 40 cm*
  • Range: 10-50 m*
  • Low Latency: < 5 ms*
  • High Update Rate: Up to 100Hz
  • Immune to narrowband RF interference
  • Low power consumption

*With optimal conditions and deployment

The Building Blocks

Your solution is unique to your business. That’s why we’ve built our platform to be flexible and dynamic, allowing you to integrate with third party applications to solve your unique problems.

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