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Inpixon Vehicle Tracking Tags

RTLS Tags for Real-Time Vehicle & Fleet Tracking Use Cases

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The VehicleTAG+ is a multi-technology tag that supports UWB, Wi-Fi, RFID, and GPS real-time positioning of forklifts, industrial trucks, and automated guided vehicles (AGVs). This vehicle tracking tag offers seamless indoor and outdoor positioning and features built in sensors to measure 360° sensor orientation, temperature, humidity, acceleration, and shock.

Features & Specifications

The AssetTAG+ is multi-technology tag originally designed to support GPS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi real-time global positioning of carriers, containers. Because of its GPS capabilities, the Inpixon Tag Multi also acts as a highly effective tag for vehicle tracking use cases. This digital supply chain tag offers seamless indoor and outdoor tracking and features built in sensors to measure temperature, humidity, acceleration and shock.

Features & Specifications

Which Inpixon Vehicle Tag is Right for You?

Inpixon has deployment-ready vehicle, forklift and automated guided vehicle (AGV) location tags to meet your needs.


Product VehicleTAG+
Housing/Certifications FCC and CE (RED), IP68, silicon free
Technology UWB, Wi-Fi, RFID, GPS
Product AssetTAG+
Housing/Certifications FCC and CE (RED), IP65, silicon free
Technology GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi

RTLS Overview

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