Inpixon Asset Tag

Scalable, Long-Range Asset Tracking Tag for Industrial-Grade Deployments

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The Inpixon Asset Tag leverages our unique chirp-enabled RF technology to power accurate, real-time location tracking over a long-range of up to 300 meters under line-of-sight (LOS) conditions. When affixed to mobile assets, it works with Inpixon’s open and versatile RTLS components to create digital visibility and deliver real-time distance, activity, sensor and location tracking.

With its deployment-ready design, the Inpixon Asset Tag allows you to easily set up, activate and manage deployments that can scale across thousands of tracked assets while reducing time-to-market and cost.

The small, durable transceiver tag features protection against RF interference and indoor to outdoor support, allowing businesses to track critical assets throughout large facilities. Featuring two configurable location blink modes, on motion and while stationary, this tag is ideal for warehouse and factory environments for the tracking of forklifts, fixtures, tools, pallets, inventory, carts, trolleys, vehicles, robots and more.

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Expected Battery Life

Configurable Motion Blink Interval
Example Use Case
Expected Battery Life*

Configurable Motion Blink Interval
30 seconds
Example Use Case Inventory Tracking
Expected Battery Life* 5-10 Years
Configurable Motion Blink Interval
10 seconds
Example Use Case Pallet Tracking
Expected Battery Life* 5+ Years
Configurable Motion Blink Interval
5 seconds
Example Use Case Part/Tool Tracking
Expected Battery Life* 4 Years
Configurable Motion Blink Interval
1 second
Example Use Case Theft Prevention
Expected Battery Life* 0.8 Years

* Battery lifetime estimated based on customized transmit interval under the following conditions: tagged asset position is 90% stationary and 10% moving


Key Benefits


With a compact form factor, its IP65-certified housing protects against dirt and damage in high-impact environments.


Accurately track the real-time location of assets across large facilities with 2.4 GHz RF technology.


Seamlessly integrate real-time location into your IoT platforms to deliver highly scalable and efficient IoT-enabled solutions.

Inpixon Asset Tag Highlights

Technical Specifications

Typical Range1
Up to 300 m
Typical Location Accuracy2
RF Technology
RF Output Power
Up to +20 dBm
Frequency Range
ISM-band 2.4 GHz (2.4~2.4835)
Blink Interval While in Motion3
10 s default (100 ms - 2.3 h)
Blink Interval Stationary3
1 h default (1 s - 24 h)
Fallback Time from Motion to Stationary3
60 s (100 ms - 2.3 h)
Acceleration Range
±4 g
Temperature Resolution
Alkaline Primary Cell
Lifetime (default settings)4
apx. 5+ years at ambient temperature
Flight Safe Before Activation
TX/RX disabled
Over the air
Operating Temperature Range
-20 °C to +60 °C
International Protection Class
88 x 48 x 26 mm
apx. 78 grams
ACMA (Australia)
Upon request
Software Compatibility
Inpixon nanoLES Location Engine
Location Protocols
Inpixon Blink protocol

1 LOS conditions. Results vary depending on environment
2 90%, 1-hour static, 10m distance, RSSI -65 dBm
3 Configurable
4 Lasts 5+ years with the default settings. Default Setting: 1h blink interval if stationary and 10s blink interval if moving. Assumption: asset is 90% stationary and 10% moving

Dimensions 88 x 48 x 26 mm


Inpixon RTLS Asset Tags

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