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An industry veteran and leader, John Piccininni is a business development and channel sales management strategist who develops long-term relationships with channel partners and users to grow brands. During the past 25 years, John has built partner networks, opened markets worth several billion dollars, and managed large-scale, complex sales for sophisticated identity-based physical security solutions that span the globe. John holds an MBA from Loyola Marymount University.

Improving Situational Awareness in the Workplace with Device Detection Technology

7 minute read |
March 31, 2021
The concept of situational awareness has been around in the aviation, military and healthcare sectors for years. While it has its roots in combative environments, its...

Detecting & Locating Rogue Access Points

7 minute read |
February 25, 2021
As technology evolves, so do security risks. One of the most common issues facing organizations today is the prevalence of rogue access points. Unlike physical threats,...

3 Questions to Ask Government WIDS Vendors

5 minute read |
September 15, 2020

How Smartphones Enhance Productivity in Federal Government Agencies

5 minute read |
February 20, 2020
While the use of smartphones and personal devices in government offices is a contentious topic among management, the reality is that these devices are increasingly...

Is the Most Important Room in Your Company Really Secure?

3 minute read |
June 25, 2018
Someone Might Be Listening

Deter and Delay Is No Longer Enough: How Inpixon Can Help Focus Response Resources and Improve School Safety

6 minute read |
June 8, 2018
Recent events have pointed out the need for new and enhanced approaches to safety and security in schools. While the truth is that active shooter events are rare, the...


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