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November 17, 2022 by Inpixon
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It's so easy to bury yourself in tasks when you work from home. People are working intensely for long periods of time without a break. One of the ways leaders can support their team is by acknowledging how important it is to not get lost in your work and encouraging teams to take short breaks to benefit physical health, mental state, and productivity. 

Wellness is an important part of daily life, like brushing your teeth. It's vital to check in with yourself and assess your own stress and satisfaction levels. Whether it’s taking a walk, run, ride, or hike with or without a canine companion, mindfulness or yoga exercises, or sharing a meal or drink with friends. Whatever it is that can help you disconnect, decompress, and ground yourself back in the real world. 

Inpixon's wellness strategy is based on acknowledging that our employees need time to rest, relax, and recharge. Inpixon Days are dedicated days off for individuals to focus on their mental and physical health, in whatever ways they need. It’s a relatively uncommon practice, but one we believe is essential to retaining happy and engaged teams - and a concept that was initiated by our executive team. Our leaders recognized that alongside the multitude of advantages working remotely for a globally dispersed company, there were some challenges. This includes striving for increased balance that teams often struggle with achieving due to working hours across time zones. One of the most measurable ways, these companywide holidays truly allow for a stress-free day is the knowledge that everyone else is offline as well. There is no returning to a full inbox or missing critical meetings accomplished by closing all offices worldwide.

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Our dedicated Inpixon Days is one of the ways we stand out amongst potential candidates and new hires. We want to ensure people are aware that as an organization we prioritize who they are as human beings and that they can start utilizing these opportunities early into their employment at Inpixon. To ensure our people have the opportunity to take advantage of these days off, we send out email reminders, post on our community/wellbeing-dedicated Slack channels about upcoming days off, as well as provide fresh and unique ways for our employees to unwind. With young children  in school, parents rarely get a day to themselves. These additional days off, create a guilt-free space whether it’s to tackle that to-do list that’s been piling up, spend an extra-long weekend  out of town as a family, or take a catamaran out for a peaceful day on the water.

The overall objective of our Wellness Program is to improve and support the mental, physical, financial and emotional health of our global team. We want to meet the unique needs of our employees around the world, so we have opted to engage with resources in the jurisdictions in which we operate, for cultural adoption and implementation of our Wellness Program. We also introduced an activity-based live webinar session to educate and guide our employees through mindful meditation practices earlier this year. This has been an ongoing effort and we have seen great success, particularly in our partnership with our benefit providers helping us to drive strategies regionally and globally. 

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One of the greatest things about this is that it comes from a place of genuinely caring about each other. At a time where being considerate of your colleagues and your community is so critical, Inpixon is setting a wonderful example by giving everyone time to just breathe. Our hope is that current and future employees will see the value that we place on their overall health.

If other companies want to build a successful wellness program, the key is consistency. Transformation takes time but starting with the prioritization of collecting analytics and metrics in order to make informed decisions, is a great place to start. There is a clear correlation between wellness and employee’ satisfaction and productivity so it's worth the investment of both time and money.

If there’s one piece of advice we would offer every employee at Inpixon, it’s drink more water and don’t forget to look outside!

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