52 Reasons You Need Inpixon

September 28, 2021 by Inpixon
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As the global leader in Indoor Intelligence, Inpixon empowers enterprises and government organizations to manage, protect and evolve their spaces to meet the changing needs of their employees, customers and people. Serving a multitude of industries across a variety of use cases, Inpixon provides business leaders with the data and tools to make smarter decisions for their organizations.

So why should you consider Inpixon for your business? We asked our team that very same question. Here are 52 reasons why you need Inpixon, from the very people who live and breathe our mission to do good with indoor data, every day:  


1. Inpixon is a leading innovator of Indoor Intelligence 

With Inpixon as the centerpiece of your solution, companies have the most experienced indoor experts combined with a robust, scalable and secure indoor intelligence platform that will meet and adapt to their complex and ever-changing needs. 

2. Inpixon offers mapping solutions that address a wide variety of use cases 

Inpixon offers everything from employee experience, to location services, to asset tracking - which all require Indoor Mapping. Mapping is at the core of what we do at Inpixon. 

3. The interoperability and scalability of our solutions

Designed from the ground up for enterprise organizations, we believe our our indoor mapping platform is the market leader. We take pride in supporting our notable customers, such as Mall of America and One Workplace

4. Inpixon is the global leader in Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) for indoor location

Inpixon provides an end-to-end RTLS solution, giving companies the ability to be aware of their people, assets and vehicles indoors. Customers can also use our hardware & software to build custom solutions for their own unique use cases.

5. We are experts in radio-based location solutions 

Inpixon has proprietary radio hardware for location and positioning that has the best combination of range and accuracy available. Inpixon also offers compatible UWB radio that can measure to an accuracy of 30 cm. Moreover, our location engine software has the most proven scale of the entire industry, deployable up to 10,000 assets.

6. Inpixon creates GPS-like utility for the indoors

It's been estimated that GPS technology has created over $1.4 trillion dollars (RTI International) in value for U.S. private sector industries since it was made accessible in the 1990s. But GPS technology only really works in the outdoors and at a global scale. Inpixon helps organization transform the way people interact with indoor spaces, where it's estimated we spend over 80% of our time, and everything within them - just as GPS-enabled location-aware solutions have done outdoors. 

7. Inpixon helps you bridge the gap between your digital and physical environments

A key enabler of innovation and digital twin technology, Inpixon Indoor Intelligence solutions harness the power of location to deliver actionable intelligence that connects people, places and things across indoor environments. From corporate campuses and smart factories to government facilities, hospitals and more, Inpixon's comprehensive suite of solutions power a multitude of location-aware use cases that help you create smarter, safer and more secure indoor environments. 

8. Inpixon allows you to see the unseen with wide-spectrum Radio Frequency (RF) detection of IoT and wireless devices 

Inpixon's indoor security solutions help you detect, locate and visualize wireless devices and IoT devices in security-sensitive environments such as secured government facilities, corporate offices and more. This allows you to identify unregistered or rogue devices in restricted areas and enforce no-phone zones and device policies. With device visibility and location context, organizations can make smarter, more informed decisions around security, risk mitigation and public safety. 

9. Inpixon delivers real-time intelligence in mission critical safety scenarios 

Inpixon helps you protect the safety and wellbeing of your organization's greatest asset - its people. Inpixon’s solutions power critical use cases in a variety of indoor environments like collision avoidance, worker search and rescue, evacuations, device detection and more, equipping you with actionable intelligence that helps you prevent and respond to potential safety incidents. 

10. Our campus app is an industry-leading workplace solution that provides multiple solutions in one place

Inpixon's SaaS-based mobile app platform brings your customer, employee, and visitor experience initiatives together in one hassle-free system that you don't have to manually host, manage, support, or maintain. 

11. Inpixon’s security platform can display known and unknown Wi-Fi and Bluetooth signals within your secured spaces 

Inpixon Aware is designed to be installed on-prem and can assist any security team including TSCM, security guards or IT professionals in preventing policy violations within secured buildings by being able to detect rogue Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, UWB and cellular signals within an indoor space.

12. We offer Indoor Tracking Tags, Third-Party Sensors, and more 

Choose from a wide selection of indoor location tags, third-party sensors and other specialty sensors for unparalleled flexibility to cultivate indoor intelligence within your buildings.

13. Inpixon’s solutions provide real-time asset visibility within underground mining operations 

Access to real-time asset location in underground mines ensures higher levels of safety and improved mining operational efficiency. 

14. We were named the “IoT Sensor Company of the Year” by IoT Breakthrough

Inpixon's security product, Inpixon Aware, was awarded the IoT Sensor Company of the Year award by IoT Breakthrough, a leading market intelligence organization that recognizes the top companies, technologies, and products in the global Internet-of-Things (IoT) market. 

15. Inpixon gives organizations the ability to leverage indoor navigation and wayfinding within their facilities

Inpixon's indoor technology solutions enables turn-by-turn, landmark based indoor navigation with a blue dot experience. 

16. Inpixon offers outdoor-indoor navigation 

Inpixon's mapping platform enables users to combine outdoor and indoor navigation for a seamless user experience and navigational continuity.

17. Our award-winning smart office app creates amazing experiences - both in-person and at-home 

Inpixon helps to improve workplace experiences with a holistic mobile-first location-aware employee app

18. Our workplace optimization feature allows teams to utilize data to make smarter decisions 

Inpixon empowers users to leverage reliable indoor data to improve space utilization and workforce productivity in your workplaces. 

19. Health & safety features to keep your employees safe 

Inpixon helps keep your workforce safe and healthy by providing situational awareness into how people interact with an indoor environment. Indoor location technology is key to identifying and isolating areas that require sanitization and for complying with company targeted cleaning intelligence, contact tracing and social distancing technology. 

20. Winner of the "Best Smart Building Solution for Return to Work" Award

Inpixon delivers an exceptional technology solution that contributes to managing or improving the return to work and is the Connected Real Estate Tech Award winner in the Return to Work category.

21. Our device detection helps keep spaces safe and monitors devices 

Inpixon's security solution enables organizations to detect and locate devices within their facility, enforce no-phone zones, and enhance investigations by visualizing the devices transmitting within a facility. 

22. Geofencing capabilities that can help security teams monitor devices in a physical area 

Inpixon geofencing capabilities enables administrators to create virtual boundaries within their indoor space and trigger actions on entry, exit or dwelling within these specified areas. 

23. Physical security information that can be an asset to security teams 

With the indoor spatial awareness Inpixon provides, security teams can respond to critical building security issues faster, and optimize resource allocation and routes. 

24. Inpixon's maps can be leveraged in a variety of manners and at varying levels within an organization 

Inpixon's indoor mapping platform, Inpixon Mapping, gives administrators flexibility and control of their maps. They can grant or restrict access to different map views based on a user's profile with a single map instance.

25. Proximity messaging that can send out alerts 

With Inpixon technology solutions, you can see what destinations are near a person and trigger the delivery of hyperlocal content to them in real-time. 

26. Location Sharing that allow users to stay connected 

Inpixon help users stay connected with family, friends, peers and more with live location sharing.

27. Worker safety features that are especially useful in mining and industrial operations 

Enhance physical workplace safety with real-time location and motion alerts.

28. Business intelligence tools to understand complex data 

Make sense of complex data through location. With Inpixon, you can gain visibility into operations through location data and make smarter, more actionable decisions.

29. Building energy efficiency features to keep costs low 

Inpixon helps you to increase building efficiencies and optimize performance by tracking and visualizing infrastructure and building systems on a map.

30. Intelligent parking to help employees and people find spots quickly

With Inpixon, users can visualize real-time or historical parking data on a map. They can also seamlessly transition from an outdoor map to an indoor map. They can find the best parking spot and then easily navigate from their car to their destination within a building.

31. Winner of the 2021 FacilitiesNet Vision Award for the Office Reopening Solution category 

Inpixon's smart office solution named as the winner of the 2021 The FacilitiesNet Vision Award. These awards honor innovation and excellence in products contributing to the efficient, profitable operations and management of institutional and commercial buildings in the United States.

32. Asset tracking to monitor key assets throughout physical locations 

Inpixon's technology allows you to monitor the live location and status of key assets, including people and equipment.

33. Gain situational intelligence using Bluetooth, Ultra-wideband (UWB), Wi-Fi and more

When you need to add location intelligence to security or safety products for government, mining, industrial or logistics use cases, Inpixon can enable your application to provide the information you need through radio frequency technologies like UWB, BLE, Wi-Fi, Chirp and more. In real-time, know where assets are located, or be alerted if a collision is imminent.

34. Improves workplace experiences for your employees

From where to sit, where to eat, how to get there, how to get help, messages updates... Inpixon's smart campus app is a must have tool for today's enterprise.

35. Offers an unparalleled user experience  

With a single mobile app platform, Inpixon empowers you to deliver real-time experiences to different audiences in the workplace, such as employees, customers, vendors, and guests.

36. Robust support for the hybrid workplace 

As companies adopt the distributed workforce model, Inpixon's custom-branded mobile app is the best way to connect with employees working from home, in-person, or on the edge. 

37. We provide extensive support for hybrid events 

Global event programs need to incorporate virtual event technology and live event technology, such as an event app, to provide multi-device experiences that support how, when, and where attendees show up!

38. We enable a safer, more connected return to work 

In-platform capabilities help companies bring employees back to the office safely with emerging technology such as desk booking, occupancy insights, density monitoring, and more - all available with Inpixon's powerful office app.

39. Our workplace experience solution offers an incredibly rich and dynamic design

Personalized and designed to work with your existing systems, Inpixon's smart office solution offers you the ability to deliver a single mobile app experience for employee announcements, integrations, collaboration, desk booking, food ordering and so much more. With one deployment, employee morale, retention and happiness improve!

40. Recognized in the 2021 Gartner Critical Capabilities for Indoor Location Services, Global 

Gartner is a leading provider of research and analysis on the global information technology industry. Gartner has recognized Inpixon for its ability to offer critical capabilities across all six indoor location services use cases including Zonal Asset Tracking, People Tracking, and Real-Time Location Services (RTLS) Asset Tracking.

41. We come with deep expertise in every facet of indoor intelligence

Every Inpixon team member has their own specialty/expertise and brings knowledge and experience which provides a solid foundation for our products.

42. We offer easy-to-understand maps that simplify navigation and wayfinding

Inpixon's maps are very clean and not overly complicated. This helps to deliver an excellent user experience.

43. Inpixon provides a wide variety of product offerings 

With the addition of the beacons, analytics and more, Inpixon products are that much more meaningful and powerful - and now there's so much more we can offer! 

44. Indoor maps for all

Our maps not only look accurate to a customer's built environment in an easy to read 2D format, but they also work technically with the various Inpixon products and technologies for a true one stop shop.

45. You can partner with us with full confidence in our technology and people

Inpixon has third-party validation; prospective customers don’t need to rely on our marketing claims. They can gain confidence in our company and product quality by reviewing our many awards, industry analyst recognition, and marquee customer base.

46. Federal and state governments partner with Inpixon to keep their spaces secure 

Keep facilities and buildings physically and digitally secure while simultaneously optimizing operations. Leverage award-winning hardware and software technologies to power wireless device detection, enforce no-phone zones, and achieve situational awareness in the most complex and security-conscious facilities.

47. Hospitals and Healthcare Networks can use Inpixon to improve tracking of equipment and assets 

Improve patient satisfaction, reduce stress, and optimize the use of hospital resources and personnel by adding indoor location-awareness, turn-by-turn navigation, location-based analytics, and context-aware messaging to your facility.

48. Manufacturing, warehouses and logistics companies partner with Inpixon to track assets and keep workers safe 

Transform industrial & manufacturing environments with location tracking & device detection to enhance safety, productivity & security in your facilities. Combat digital distraction and leverage indoor intelligence to ensure your production floors are delivering the highest quality output within a safe, efficient and secure environment.

49. We cover a wide variety of RF Standards

Inpixon offers users key RF standards through their technology, including Wi-Fi, BLE, Cellular, and Ultra Wideband (UWB). Companies can achieve situational awareness with our comprehensive range of indoor awareness solutions 

50. The Inpixon Academy provides free, accessible and robust training in Indoor Intelligence 

The Inpixon Academy provides 24/7 anywhere access to a wide range of product training in Indoor Intelligence solutions. Courses are available for end-users, installers, system administrators, and partners. Traditional barriers to valuable information, such as travel and expert availability, are eliminated. Our course development process takes knowledge from internal experts and makes it accessible through easy-to-understand lectures and practical hands-on exercises emulating live software experiences.

51. Award winning sensors for indoor environments

Leverage Inpixon’s award-winning sensors to detect and locate wireless devices and access points throughout your indoor spaces using the RF spectrum. From visitor analytics and device detection to asset tracking and positioning, our portfolio of sensors gives you the flexibility to choose the sensor that addresses your unique needs without limiting future scalability. 

52. While our team is all over the globe, we are always ready to support our customers.

Working in different locations has its perks. We all bring our own expertise and experience to the company to help the overall goals of every client that partners with us!

See for yourself how Inpixon can help you. Schedule a 20-minute meeting with our talented team to learn how our products can assist your organizational needs.