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The Inpixon RTLS yard management system optimizes capacity, reduces search times, and automates workflows for efficient yard operations. Digital twin mapping and real-time communication eliminate delays, ensuring seamless, reliable, and efficient logistics processes.

Yard Management Solution

For manufacturing facilities and logistics centers equipped with large fleets of vehicles and shipping trailers, the need for efficient and reliable yard management is paramount.

Without RTLS oversight, the stakes are high: delays lead to penalties, missed deadlines disrupt supply chains, and safety concerns loom.

With Inpixon RTLS, a real-time digital twin maps site movements ensuring you can track where everything is, get vehicles in and out faster, and reduce delays — all in real time. Automated check-ins, check-outs, and dock management streamline operations, reducing labor hours and improving security.

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Yard Management Benefits

The implementation of RTLS in Yard Management offers a plethora of benefits. With real-time coordination and precise control of loading and unloading processes, logistics operations can be accelerated, resulting in faster turnaround times and reduced storage costs. Accurate and automatic logging of idle times ensures that companies can avoid contractual penalties while also optimizing their ramp utilization for maximum efficiency and cost savings.

Real-time communication enables rapid responses to changes and facilitates smooth logistics flow, while automation of check-in and check-out minimizes manual effort and reduces waiting times.

With RTLS, businesses can achieve a technically driven, forward-thinking, and efficient approach to yard management that delivers tangible benefits for their bottom line and improves customer satisfaction.

Example Uses of RTLS-Based Yard Management

  • Digital twin

    Create a digital twin of site movements and vehicle utilization to identify bottlenecks and optimize yard management.
  • Outdoor tracking of inventories & assets
    Use RTLS (Real-Time Location System) to actively track and manage the exact location of your yard outdoor stock.
  • Vehicle coordination

    Real-time vehicle tracking optimizes coordination by accurately assigning vehicles, planning routes efficiently, and minimizing idle time. This ensures effective fleet utilization and reduces operating costs.
  • Real-time communication
    Enable real-time communication among stakeholders in loading and unloading, fostering faster responses to changes, improved coordination, and a smoother logistics flow.
  • Automate check-in and out
    Automate the check-in and check-out process by recognizing each trailer to facilitate check-in and check-out at the gates. This avoids wasted labor hours.
  • Reduce queues

    Using real-time data, the coordinator or dock management system automatically assigns trailers to ramps, minimizing bottlenecks, optimizing ramp utilization, and reducing waiting times.
  • Speed loading/unloading
    Improve loading and unloading times by integrating forklift and employee tracking. This leads to faster handling of goods.
  • Gate automation

    By accurately locating vehicles, you can enable automatic check-in and check-out at the gate. This not only optimizes the access process but also minimizes manual effort and improves security. (e.g. with RFID).
  • Dock Management

    RTLS integration ensures precise loading and unloading control. Employees are informed of trailer arrival times at specific ramps, enhancing operational effectiveness and workflow coordination.
  • Access control

    By integrating RTLS, precise access controls can be implemented. The system automatically recognizes and authenticates vehicles entering and exiting the loading bays, preventing unauthorized access.
  • Real-time monitoring

    Real-time tracking of trailers enables continuous monitoring of dock areas. Security personnel can respond in real time to potential security issues or unusual activity.
  • Accident prevention

    Precise tracking can prevent potential collisions or accidents. Alerts can be automatically generated when vehicles come too close or violate safety zones.

How Yard Management Works with Inpixon

Yard management with Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) involves a central platform for real-time location data. Vehicles, equipped with tracking devices such as GPS, ensure accurate outdoor positioning, enhancing efficiency in yard operations. The RTLS platform continuously receives real-time location data from the tags, whether RFID, GPS, or telematics. It processes and analyzes this information to determine the precise location of each vehicle within the yard. Yard managers can access this real-time data through a user interface provided by the RTLS platform. 

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Yard Management Building Blocks

Our platform is designed with your business in mind. It's highly adaptable and allows you to utilize a variety of technologies to address your specific needs. With Inpixon, you can create custom location-based hardware and seamlessly integrate with other systems like asset management applications and IoT platforms. Our Real-Time Location System (RTLS) for yard management includes a comprehensive range of components and functionalities that are sure to meet your requirements.

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