Inpixon nanoANQ UWB

High Throughput Location and Monitoring Solution

Product photography for the Inpixon nanoANQ UWB RTLS anchor.

The Inpixon nanoANQ UWB (formerly nanoANQ EA ER) is a deployment-ready, industrial-grade RTLS anchor. With enhanced resolution that enables short range RTLS location applications, this anchor offers exceptional scalability for centimeter-level accuracy UWB location deployments.

Designed to add precision to indoor deployments, the housed Inpixon nanoANQ UWB anchor provides precise cm-level accuracy so you can accurately operate tracking, ranging and communication applications concurrently.

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Key Benefits

Virtual Synchronization

Complete over-the-air (OTA) infrastructure sync without extra pacer nodes.

Adjustable Power Amplifier

Compatible with any DW1000 powered tag that supports Inpixon’s blink protocols.


Scale to expand location infrastructures with zero communication overhead.

Inpixon nanoANQ UWB Highlights

Technical Specifications

Typical Range
0.1 - 50 m (1)
Typical Location Accuracy
30 cm (2)
RF Technology
Ultra-wideband (UWB)
RF Output Power
-62 to -35 dBm/MHz
Transmit power density
-41.3 dBm/MHz at Channel 5, 6.8 Mbps
Receive Sensitivity @ 110 Kbps
-96 dBm typ. (1)
Receive Sensitivity @ 6.8 Mbps
-84 dBm typ. (1)
Transport Network
Ethernet 100 base TX
Power Supply
PoE (recommended) USB (optional) (2)
IP Address
Operating Temperature range
-30 to +65 °C
195 x 195 x 84 mm
800 g
White LED Band
Controlled via Inpixon nanoLES API
3 Color Status LED
Controlled via Inpixon nanoLES API

1 Mode dependent
2 USB requires 1 A min. and a cable ≤1m


Dimensions 195 x 195 x 84 mm

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