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Streamline your intralogistics processes and enhance the entire product journey within your facility. Maximize inventory turnover, expedite order fulfillment, and ensure precise inventory management through seamless integration with RTLS technology. Eliminate search times, automate tasks, and achieve unparalleled efficiency for your warehouse operations.

Optimize Intralogistics with Inpixon RTLS

Real-time tracking in intralogistics enables precise monitoring of stocks, tools, vehicles and employees. Auto-ID technologies on forklift trucks eliminate the need for manual scanning, resulting in efficient real-time inventory management. Search times are eliminated as employees can locate assets quickly and accurately, increasing efficiency.

Real-time visibility in logistical processes enables comprehensive insights and optimizes processes in real time. Real-time guidance with RTLS makes material handling more efficient, reduces costs and increases warehouse productivity. Real-time alerts ensure quick reactions to process deviations, guarantee on-time deliveries and increase customer satisfaction.

Location-based verification with RTLS improves process reliability and minimizes risks. Collision detection systems prevent potential accidents, while RTLS implementations provide immediate security alerts in the event of unauthorized access. 

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Intralogistics Traceability & Automation Benefits

Example Uses of
Intralogistics Software

  • Real-time tracking of inventory, tools, vehicles, & employees

    Utilize real-time monitoring for critical resources, ensuring constant location data for data-driven decision-making, and ultimately saving time while reducing costs linked to misplaced inventory.
  • Auto-ID on forklifts and automatic posting

    Leverage Auto-ID technologies to automate the identification and recording of goods and tools, eliminating the need for manual scanning. Ensure seamless transmission of data to a WMS or ERP system for precise and real-time inventory management.
  • Elimination of search times

    Empower employees to swiftly locate assets with accuracy, leading to substantial time savings. Experience enhanced efficiency, minimized downtime, and heightened customer satisfaction as a result.
  • Real-time visibility

    Gain comprehensive visibility into logistical processes, with real-time insights into the movement of goods, equipment, and personnel. Utilize RTLS for enhanced planning, monitoring, and control of internal operations, optimizing workflows, minimizing inefficiencies, and reducing costs.
  • Optimized fleet allocation for transport orders

    Leverage real-time guidance with RTLS to streamline material handling, boosting productivity, cutting costs, and enhancing warehouse efficiency. Respond swiftly to changing demands, ensuring timely deliveries and staying competitive in the evolving market.
  • Real-time alerts for process deviations & supply chain interruptions
    Swift identification and response to operational disruptions, ensure on-time order fulfillment and sustained customer satisfaction. Utilize RTLS to monitor inventory, track goods' movement, and optimize workflows, ultimately enhancing efficiency, cutting costs, and boosting profitability.
  • Location-based verification for process blocking and clearance

    Implement RTLS in intralogistics for location-based verification, improving process safety with efficient process blocking and clearance. Track resource locations to ensure processes are executed only with the required resources available, minimizing the risk of accidents and errors. Real-time monitoring of resource movements reduces delays and downtimes, enhancing overall productivity.
  • Collision avoidance

    Prompt detection and prevention of potential collisions. The CAS can automatically halt industrial trucks, alert pedestrians with wristband vibrations, and provide drivers visual and auditory signals to avoid accidents. Prioritize safety, efficiency, and productivity with this innovative and reliable solution in intralogistics. Its implementation significantly reduces the risks of accidents and injuries, benefiting the entire supply chain.
  • Alarms for security perimeters & unauthorized personnel
    Implement RTLS for instant security alerts on unauthorized access attempts, using sensors and tags to track personnel and assets in real-time. Ensure a safe and secure intralogistics environment, reducing the risk of theft or unauthorized entry, and allowing businesses to focus on core operations with confidence.

How Intralogistics Optimization Works with Inpixon RTLS

Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) in warehouse operations facilitate precise inventory, personnel, and equipment tracking. Here's a succinct explanation of how RTLS works in a warehouse setting:

  • RTLS Tags: Items such as pallets, products, or forklifts are equipped with RTLS tags. These tags continuously emit signals, which are captured by RTLS receivers strategically placed throughout the warehouse.
  • RTLS Receivers (Anchors): RTLS receivers, also known as anchors, are positioned strategically within the warehouse. Anchors capture signals from RTLS tags and transmit the information to a central system.
  • Location Calculation by the RTLS Platform: The RTLS platform calculates the precise location of tagged objects based on the received signals. This location data is updated in real time, enabling continuous tracking of inventory movements within the warehouse.
  • Integration of Location Data into Enterprise Applications: Location data is integrated into Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) or other enterprise applications. This integration establishes a seamless connection between the physical warehouse environment and digital enterprise systems.
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Intralogistics System Building Blocks:

Your solution is unique to your business. That’s why we’ve built our comprehensive platform to be flexible and dynamic, allowing you to leverage multiple types of technologies to power a wide array of use cases, build tailored location-aware hardware and solutions, and seamlessly integrate with asset management applications, IoT platforms, and other external systems to solve your unique problems.

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