Inpixon Blog | Norman Dziengel

Norman is the Product Manager at Inpixon, with over 5 years of experience at the company. Norman holds a PHD in Computer Science with a focus on wireless sensor networks. With experience in product marketing, product management, and design of ranging and RTLS products, he is a core member in refining and innovating Inpixon’s RTLS product portfolio.

How to Solve RF Interference & Signal Propagation Challenges in a RTLS

14 minute read |
October 13, 2021
Radio frequencies (RF) play a key role in locational awareness due to their ability to pinpoint the location, speed and distance of an object. Often described as the GPS...

The difference between blinks, chirps, and anchors

5 minute read |
August 9, 2021
In the Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) world, there is a lot of technical terminology that might seem intimidating at first. To demystify some of this jargon we take a...


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