July 13, 2017

Imprecise Locationing Will Leave Your Indoor Positioning Data Flat

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Indoor Positioning & Baking

What do indoor positioning and baking have in common? With both of them, accuracy is of the utmost importance. However, the ramifications of imprecise positioning are much more significant than a bad batch of cookies.

Indoor positioning requires precision, and different positioning methods have different levels of positioning accuracy. GPS is perhaps the most common way to visualize the issues that can arise with inaccuracy. GPS adds a 16-foot cushion to location without obstructions.  If you add a building into the mix, the user's location, often represented by a blue dot, may end up on a completely different block. Indoor positioning works in a similar way but with far less wiggle room. 

This has implications across a broad range of use cases. Imprecise positioning in a blue dot wayfinding application is a recipe for user irritation. If the purpose of the application is to help people visualize their location and navigate within a complex indoor space, indoor positioning accuracy is imperative to the user adoption and engagement with that app.

Similarly, indoor location data has the power to provide invaluable information to organizations. However, as with all data applications - garbage in, garbage out. If the positioning data is unreliable or inaccurate, there are fewer meaningful insights to be gleaned from that data. With precise positioning, indoor analytics, ndoor analytics transforms location data into valuable insights that help you understand how visitors interact with your indoor space.

By capturing, interpreting, and visualizing data, indoor analytics provide key metrics and reports on visitor behavior and movement. With Inpixon’s indoor analytics solution, organizations can harness the power of indoor intelligence to make smarter, more informed decisions that produce extraordinary indoor experiences and drive results. And the key to making data matter is having the right positioning infrastructure in place, with the sensor technology that makes the most sense for your space.

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