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Maximize operational efficiency with precise, real-time forklift location tracking and prevent incidents with RTLS-powered collision avoidance systems. Optimize turnover, picking, shipping, lead time, and forklift utilization while eliminating costly downtime.

Track and Monitor Forklifts in Real-Time

Real-time tracking of forklifts and other vehicles, like tugger trains and hand pallet trucks, is vital for enhancing logistics and production efficiency. Inpixon's forklift tracking solution ensures precise location accuracy, reaching up to +/- 40 cm with UWB RTLS technology. This boosts visibility, efficiency, and profitability and enhances workplace safety.

The solution facilitates comprehensive process tracking, offering a holistic overview of vehicle positions in the warehouse, factory, or yard. Easily integrate real-time location data into EWM, ERP, MES, and other systems. Further replace manual workflows with smart IIoT and RTLS technology, including vehicle auto-ID and automatic process triggering. 

Our UWB-based collision avoidance system provides advanced warnings,  and offers optional automatic braking, along with setting and enforcing speed limits within controlled areas.

Additionally, achieve faster throughput through rack-level guiding. This approach empowers logistics and production managers to optimize fleet resources, reduce man-hours wastage, and proactively prevent accidents.

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Benefits of RTLS for Forklift Tracking

Example Uses for
Forklift Tracking

  • Visualize forklift locations in real-time.

    See the entire facility on a map and visualize vehicle digital twins moving about. Correlate vehicle, personnel, and goods locations for complete operational awareness.
  • Search and find.

    Instantly locate vehicles in various states, track goods via forklifts, and promptly manage inactive vehicles with operator alerts or task assignments.
  • Automate dispatch orders.

    The system dispatches orders to forklift operators dynamically based on location, task priority, and operational efficiency.
  • Track loaded goods.

    Automatically log goods during pickup using the forklift tracking system, eliminating manual scanning and maintaining a continuous track of goods throughout their journey in the facility.
  • Guide routes, alert when wrong routes are taken.
    Optimize driver routes by offering the shortest or fastest options, while issuing timely warnings for deviations or unauthorized access to routes or misplacement of goods in the wrong rack.
  • Watch movements and monitor progress.

    Monitor the movement of critical assets and generate real-time material flow reports for better operational management.
  • Collision avoidance.

    Boost safety with proximity alerts featuring lights, horns, wristband vibrations, and auto-braking to prevent accidents. Enforce speed limits in controlled zones for enhanced safety.
  • Get alerts/notifications.

    Receive notifications for forklift movements across different zones, load status changes, and other key events.
  • Identify bottlenecks.

    Pinpoint route and pathway congestion points that are impacting workflow, productivity, and safety.
  • Monitor equipment utilization.

    Track and manage forklift usage and maintenance to proactively schedule repairs and minimize downtime.
  • Measure equipment effectiveness.

    Analyze patterns of forklift usage, including travel distance, idle time, productivity, loaded vs unloaded time, and more.
  • Monitor and manage energy usage.

    Track electric forklift usage times to optimize charging schedules and reduce energy costs.
  • Enhance worker performance.

    Use tracking data to assess operator safety compliance, providing targeted training and feedback.

How Forklift Tracking Works with Inpixon RTLS

Inpixon RTLS employs UWB technology for precise (±40cm) or long-range chirp (CSS) real-time asset tracking. Each tracked vehicle has a tag transmitting signals to anchors on ceilings, which calculate real-time positions with high accuracy. The derived location data powers diverse asset-tracking applications, enhancing productivity, safety, and overall business results in Industry 4.0 environments.

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Forklift location being tracked while RFID-enabled pallet communicates with smart warehouse shelves.

Forklift Tracking Building Blocks

Your solution is unique to your business. That’s why we’ve built our comprehensive platform to be flexible and dynamic, allowing you to leverage multiple types of technologies to power a wide array of use cases, build tailored location-aware hardware and solutions, and seamlessly integrate with asset management applications, IoT platforms, and other external systems to solve your unique problems.

Forklift Tracking FAQs

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