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Transform into a digital manufacturer with electronic labels and RTLS tags. Access interactive, adaptable, real-time production information such as consignment bills or production orders. Instantly receive current production status, transmit requirements, and feedback, and accelerate manufacturing processes with real-time data.

Digital real-time updates on tasks, inventory,
& production orders

Inpixon's Paperless Factory solution enhances productivity, quality, and sustainability by digitizing manufacturing processes. Combining ePaper displays with RTLS technology, it provides real-time, dynamic information on production status, inventory control, and digital work instructions. The interactive, electronic displays allow employees to access critical information such as manufacturing order accompanying documents or dynamic picking and item lists, based on location and production cycle, enabling efficient task execution. Seamlessly integrating with MES, ERP, and PP systems, it allows for instant transmission of requirements and status feedback, significantly reducing the need for physical documents and manual processes. The solution offers real-time inventory and flow control, precise localization and traceability, real-time production management, and dynamically updated pick lists. By visualizing crucial information through ERP, WMS, and MES interfaces, Inpixon's solution ensures maximum flexibility and paves the way for truly paperless manufacturing.

Display Specifications

  • Full graphic displays available in 10 different sizes, from 1.6″ inches (36.7 x 45.0 x 13.1mm) up to 11.6″ inches (192.0 x 268.0 x 21.9mm)
  • Small to extra large active ESL displays
  • Up to 7 scrollable pages
  • Up to 10 years of Battery life 
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Benefits of a Paperless Factory

Example Uses of RTLS for Paperless Manufacturing

  • Location Tracking and Process Monitoring

    Ultra-wideband RTLS tags from Inpixon enable precise equipment localization in the production process. Integration with e-ink displays facilitates the digital representation of the production process by combining location information and process details.
  • Real-time Status Updates for Employees

    ePaper Displays show real-time status updates, production order information (material number, batch number, quantity, SAP material number, reuse count, container type), key performance indicators, and important announcements.
    Integrate with RTLS to display the current location and status of critical assets or processes.
  • Alert Notifications and Work Instructions

    Platform-based notifications are triggered in real time when predefined processes deviate from set values. Warning alerts for erroneous container transfers or manually required interactions enable swift intervention to minimize production delays.
  • Automatic Initiation of Follow-up Processes

    Based on real-time location data and geofences, event triggers automatically initiate follow-up processes such as process blocking, release, or internal transport. Quick responses to process variations are achieved through automated workflows that set additional follow-up processes in motion.
  • Integration with ERP, MES, or PP

    Integration with ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), MES (Manufacturing Execution System), or PP (Production Planning) provides location-based information for blocking or releasing processes. Automated workflows can trigger blockages of safety zones or initiate pick-up orders.
  • Instructions for Operational Processes

    Implement a system that provides step-by-step digital directions for various process operations.
    Use ePaper displays to present clear instructions, visual aids, and guidelines to employees involved in different stages of the production process.
  • Employee-Driven Reporting

    Develop a user-friendly mobile application or digital interface that allows employees to report issues, anomalies, or feedback directly.
    Enable employees to capture and upload images or notes for better context and understanding.
  • Integration of Relevant Data from External Systems
    Create APIs or connectors to integrate relevant data from third-party systems such as ERP, MES, or other databases.
    Display this integrated data on E-Ink Displays or other visual interfaces to provide a consolidated view of information.
  • Digitalization of Production Order Sheets
    Implement a system to digitize and centralize manufacturing order accompanying documents.
    Use digital displays to show real-time order information, production progress, and any changes to the production schedule.

How a Paperless Factory Works with Inpixon RTLS

In a paperless factory, leveraging E-Ink Displays and Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) seamlessly integrates technologies to optimize production processes:

  • Precise Location Tracking and Process Monitoring: The accurate localization of assets through RTLS TAGs enables real-time monitoring of the production environment.
    Integration with E-Ink Displays creates a digital representation of production processes by visually presenting location information and process details.
  • Real-time Status Updates for Employees: Strategically positioned E-Ink Displays provide real-time information on status, KPIs, and announcements.
    RTLS integration allows displaying current locations and status information for crucial assets and processes on these displays.
  • Alert Notifications and Work Instructions: Platform-based notifications are triggered when predefined processes deviate from set values.
    Warning alerts for faulty transfers or manual interactions allow swift intervention to minimize production delays.
  • Automatic Triggering of Follow-up Processes: Event triggers, based on real-time information, automatically initiate subsequent processes such as blocking, releases, or internal transports.
    Automated workflows enable quick responses to process variations and set additional necessary steps in motion.
  • Integration with ERP, MES, or PP: Integration with enterprise-wide systems like ERP, MES, or PP allows location-based control of processes.
    Automated workflows can lock safety zones or initiate pick-up orders.
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Paperless Factory Building Blocks

Your solution is unique to your business. That’s why we’ve built our comprehensive platform to be flexible and dynamic, allowing you to leverage multiple types of technologies to power a wide array of use cases, build tailored location-aware hardware and solutions, and seamlessly integrate with asset management applications, IoT platforms, and other external systems to solve your unique problems.

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