May 2, 2013

Location, location, location

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locationLocation was the basis for mobility. The first reason we created mobile phones was so we could be located anywhere and actively communicate. Then we wanted GPS on our phones so we could see where we were and how to get somewhere else (Magellan just released SmartGPS). Now we want special information and capabilities based on where we are. Location is driving mobility.

Besides the growing retail market for location-enabled mobile ads, location-based and location-aware services and features are transforming the mobile ecosystem. “These mobile properties, and many others, have moved beyond the “check-in” concept, which in any case never really caught on with users. They may still offer the ability to “check-in,” but are also trying to be more imaginative with location-based notifications and location-aware services” (Business Insider).

There are over 770 million GPS-enabled smartphones now and many people use at least one location-centric app a day (local weather, FourSquare, GPS, etc.). Just four years from now, it’s projected that location-based advertising will be a $6.5 billion market.

So now it’s up to enterprise to decide how it’s going to make location work for us. We’ve already started integrating location into MDM and MAM capabilities with some leading partners (our newest are MaaS360 and Mobile Active Defense (M@D)). Also, we released ZoneDefense LT Connect this week which amplifies reporting and historical forensic capabilities.

Location is beginning to work for us.

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Will Adams

Will Adams is a Santa Monica based sales and marketing professional who worked with AirPatrol from 2014-2015.

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