Industrial RTLS Tag for Real-Time Transport Vehicle Location Tracking


The VehicleTAG+ is a cost-effective industrial tag for tracking forklifts, autonomous industrial trucks, and automated guided vehicles (AGVs). This multi-sensor tag supports UWB and GPS with optional LiDAR for real-time tracking of carriers, AGVs, and vehicles. This digital supply chain tag offers seamless indoor and outdoor tracking and features built in sensors to measure temperature, humidity, movements, and shock.

Its extended connectivity via CAN-Bus, Wi-Fi, BLE, and integrated sensors, such as inertial measurement unit (IMU) with compass as well as via various optional sensors like fork RFID readers and fork height and load sensors, enables easy integration into a wide range of industrial applications.

Designed to optimize overall equipment effectiveness (OOE) and increase quality and flexibility in production and warehouse intralogistics, the VehicleTAG+ is easily mounted onto material transport vehicles and is hardwired to a fixed power source.

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Key Benefits


Versatile tag with location technology support for UWB, GPS, and LiDAR (optional).


Multiple sensor inputs and outputs for signal lights, RFID, height, and load sensors.


FCC and CE (RED) certified with silicon free ruggedized IP68-certified housing to protect against dirt, water, and damage.

VehicleTAG+ Highlights

Technical Specifications

3D Accuracy (R95 with LOS)
±40 cm (<2 cm with optional LiDAR add-on)
Update Frequency
max. 100 Hz (adjustable)
GNSS (optional)
Channel 5 (6-7 GHz)
Max. Range (LOS)
50 m
Antenna Type
360° omni-directional
Operating Frequency
Channel 5 (6-7 GHz)
IEEE 802.15.4-2011 Ultra-wideband (UWB)
Data Interface
Wireless Configuration Over-the-Air (COTA)
Firmware Over-the-Air (FOTA)
Integrated Sensors
IMU & digital compass for 360° orientation, accelerometer (3-axis), 3D orientation
External Sensors
I/O support (add-on)
4…20mA current loop sensor analog inputs
Fork height sensor (optical)
RFID reader (fork)
Load sensor (ultrasonic)
Ultrasonic distance sensor
Optical distance sensor
2x digital input
2x digital output
Horn & signal light output
Connectivity: optional ROS interface & fieldbus (OPC-UA)
USB serial (RS-422)
Wi-Fi & Bluetooth (BLE)
Extension port
Power Supply
External 12 to 36VDC
Energy Consumption
<10W (max.) depending on used sensors
Mounting Types
Screw mounting plate
Sensor Extension Port
USB, RS232 RX/TX, CAN H/L, RS485 A/B, 4-20mA +/-, Out1 +/-, Out2 +/- In1+/-, In2 +/-, System Power +/-
Operating Temperature
-15°C to +69°C
Storage Temperature
-20°C to +70°C
Protection Level
60,000 hours @ 20°C
160 x 86 x 80 mm
300 g

Dimensions 160 x 86 x 80 mm


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