Real-Time Personnel Location Tracking for Safety, Security and Productivity

Increase safety and efficiency with real-time personnel tracking


Create real-time visibility that helps you instantly visualize the location of employees, workers, and visitors, and more to improve safety, efficiency, and security for your operations.

Inpixon’s industry-leading Indoor Intelligence solutions provide enterprise organizations across a range of industries with multiple technology approaches to automate and visualize the tracking of personnel throughout large facilities. Our flexible portfolio of RTLS hardware and software components enable you to rapidly create custom, end-to-end real-time tracking solutions for thousands of concurrently tracked people and various customer requirements. Achieve both precise, +/- 40 cm, location accuracy via UWB, and long-range positioning up to 500 meters indoors and out, via chirp (CSS). It also includes our indoor mapping solution, which when combined with indoor positioning, allows you to visualize the location of personnel on an interactive, multi-layered indoor map.

With Inpixon you can harness the power of real-time location to build smarter operations, improve efficiency and safety, and accelerate business results.

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Improve Efficiency & Streamline Workflows

Leverage location to help boost operational efficiency and connect siloed processes. Instantly track personnel across operations to reduce manual search times, identify potential bottlenecks and process inefficiencies, enhance automation, and more.

Enhance Safety and Loss Prevention & Prevent Costly Incidents

Create real-time visibility to help identify, prevent and respond to threats to worker safety, theft and waste. Improve compliance efforts and power use cases like theft prevention, safety zones, collision avoidance and more.

Drive Business Results

Harness location data and context to make smarter more informed decisions and create more agile, resilient operations. Make better decisions around staffing, improve resource utilization, quickly allocate personnel to tasks, reduce operational costs, boost production speed and quality and more to help propel your organization forward.

How Personnel Tracking & Inpixon RTLS Work

How asset tracking and Inpixon RTLS work diagram

Inpixon RTLS enables both precise cm-level UWB and long-range chirp (CSS) real-time personnel tracking applications for up to thousands of concurrently tracked personnel through a network of connected RTLS hardware and software components. To digitally track the real-time location and movements of people, throughout facilities or localized areas, personnel are affixed with Inpixon or compatible 3rd party personnel tracking tags. When equipped, the tags will send out data encoded signals at continuous intervals. Inpixon RTLS anchors, deployed in fixed positions, will concurrently detect signals from transmitting RTLS tags within their communication range. The anchors read and time-stamp these received signals, also known as location blinks and forward this data to Inpixon nanoLES RTLS location engine software.

Inpixon nanoLES analyzes thousands of simultaneous location blinks per second to calculate numerous tag positions using precise TDoA methodology. With TDoA and our patented techniques, including virtual time synchronization technology, Inpixon nanoLES delivers high accuracy, superior reliability, and low latency that supports enterprise-grade tracking of key assets and personnel – especially in Industry 4.0 applications and environments where real-time visibility is paramount to productivity, safety and business results.

Derived location data can then be used to display the location of tracked personnel on a map or integrated into various enterprise systems and IoT platforms to power a wide array of personnel tracking use cases.

The Building Blocks

Your solution is unique to your business. That’s why we’ve built our comprehensive platform to be flexible and dynamic, allowing you to leverage multiple types of technologies to power a wide array of use cases, build tailored location-aware hardware and solutions, and seamlessly integrate with external systems to solve your unique problems.

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