Physical Security Information & Field Service Management

Optimize your building security and operations with live indoor intelligence


Improve the indoor spatial awareness of security teams and empower them to respond to critical building security issues faster. With our Indoor Intelligence platform, users can harness robust indoor maps and situational awareness technology to monitor, locate, and visualize incidents on a map, as it happens. Inpixon’s leading location technology empowers organizations to optimize resource allocation and routes for smoother and safer facility operations.

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Future-Proof Solutions

Create scalable solutions with dynamic indoor technologies that meet your current and future needs. Embed extensible location-aware indoor maps into your mobile and web-based staff guidance apps.

Visually Enhance Workflows

Provide security teams with unparalleled visibility into facilities. Configure and control visual notifications on a map based on custom workflows and business logic.

Strengthen Threat Prevention

Use leading location technology to identify and mitigate threats, and visualize multiple response routes to an urgent situation.

The Building Blocks

Your solution is unique to your business. That’s why we’ve built our platform to be flexible and dynamic, allowing you to integrate with third party applications to solve your unique problems.

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