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Alex is a Sales Representative at The CXApp. Specializing in new business sales, digitizing the corporate office, and enhancing the mobile employee experience.

Emerging Workplace Technology Trend: In-App Food Ordering

9 minute read |
August 25, 2021
Let’s whet our appetite a little... Sticky toffee French toast layered in balsamic strawberries. Double bison burger with gooey smoked gouda cheese covered in onion jam....

Why Desk Booking Solutions Are Key to the Return to Work

8 minute read |
August 4, 2021
To make way for the hybrid workforce, the workplace — and the offices where we do most of our business — is now dynamic and flexible. People, processes, and expectations...

What are the Benefits of an Employee Mobile App?

7 minute read |
June 16, 2021
According to the Workplace Mobility Report, 63% of global enterprises regard mobility as the most significant factor contributing to competitive advantage. Increasingly,...


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