Inpixon Blog | Jon Barnett

As Inpixon's VP of Engineering, Jon Barnett leverages his experience to set the technical direction for Inpixon's indoor mapping platform and ensures the delivery of powerful solutions by fostering agile thinking and teamwork. Passionate about innovation, he values constant exposure to current software engineering practices and encourages this within his team.

Indoor Mapping Engine for Map-Enabled Applications

12 minute read |
April 14, 2021
As a key component of our platform for many years, indoor mapping is an instrumental pillar to indoor intelligence. Inpixon’s indoor maps enable organizations to...

Mapping the Engineering Culture at Inpixon

6 minute read |
December 14, 2020
If you've ever held a paper-based map, stood in front of a vertical store layout in a horizontal mall, or launched an office or home layout diagram, you understand the...


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