How Inpixon responded to the heartbreaking surge of COVID in India

June 29, 2021 by Sravya Attaluri
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It's not a question of can we do this; but, rather what else can we do. That was the response Inpixon's CEO had when Shirish Tangirala, Managing Director, SAVES / Inpixon India proposed an immediate support response to the 40+ individuals employed by Inpixon in India.


Like any responsible and involved organization, when COVID hit, Inpixon took action, introducing increased flexibility and transitioning work to less impacted areas. What made and continues to make Inpixon's response unique was the emotional instinct - followed by the logical planning of engineers- to do more. "When the first one of our employees was affected during the first wave, it was a relatively smooth recovery." However, it became evident that as things started to get better in the USA, they were rapidly going downhill in India. As the situation in India devolved and the situation was becoming increasingly more personal, as an organization, Inpixon felt compelled to step up its response. "We wanted to empower our employees to stay at home and stay safe as best they could. One of the things we started doing was encouraging socialization online. We bought streaming subscriptions for everyone on the team and introduced group watch parties where we would pay for pizza for their families. It was a small act, but it helped boost morale and engage people on a personal level. We had 5-6 people from the US, some from the UK, and 40 families in India all watching a Korean drama together and chatting."

At the same time, people were stepping up to help the organization continue to thrive. For example, Prassad, an employee, volunteered to be the remote hands of the hardware setup team, going into the office and following precise instructions to set up equipment. While he worked in isolation, with the appropriate PPE, it was such a powerful example of going above and beyond. Another example is one of the IT team members who continues to go into the office to ensure everything is running as it should be. "As part of the executive team, I don't think of this as going above and beyond. I point instead to these people who are ready and willing to do what it takes to support the team in critical ways. That's amazing. We are a true team, working together to accomplish shared goals. But the most important takeaway from this is that when it comes to supporting our team in India through the COVID crisis, it's not about business; it's personal."

"We are fundamentally an engineering company and approach problems that way. We connected with doctors, insurance, people on the street, legal counselors, other executives, and private hospital administrators. It came from the heart, but we were very systemic in our approach. We knew we needed access to rapid tests, to hospital beds if needed, and to equipment such as oxygen concentrators. We considered how we could help in high impact ways. For example, to pay for a COVID test for one individual on our team isn't sufficient. You need to limit spread and treat people early by testing the loved ones they live with." Shirish explains. "And, the variant in India may not show up right away, so we want everyone to get tested twice during their isolation period if they have a suspected case or have been exposed to a positive case." To that end, Inpixon reimburses COVID tests on day 4 and day 8 for employees and their families when exposure is a possibility. They also reimburse certain in-home medical expenses and vaccinations and have tripled their family medical insurance coverage, and offered financial loans in case of emergency. "We did what we could to ensure their safety, the well-being of their families, and to create confidence knowing their jobs were secure. While authentic in our actions, we know that what we did and continue to do for our teams is deeply appreciated. “Every employee in India is going to be a champion for recruitment. They will tell anyone interested in joining us that we are a company who doesn't just say we care or invest in skills training but that when there was a crisis, we stepped up.”

For Inpixon, implementing this kind of response was about human justice and knowing they were doing everything for their teammates in India, which brought the organization together as a global community. “To do nothing wasn't an option. As a business and people leader, I'm driven by the idea of ensuring that when an employee under my purview asks themselves, 'Who am I really working for?' They are proud to be part of the Inpixon organization and team, and they recognize they work for a company that cares about them and their families."

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Sravya is the India HR Manager at Inpixon. She is an experienced HR specialist with demonstrated history of working in Recruiting, onboarding, payroll management, and generalist activities.