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The Ultimate Guide to Indoor Maps for Enterprises: The Building Blocks for Smarter Spaces

15 minute read |
July 17, 2020
The way we experience indoor spaces is about to change dramatically, and it is today’s enterprises that are leading the charge. While it is certainly a bold claim to say...

Bluetooth Beacons Provide New Value Inside the Hospital

7 minute read |
July 17, 2020
Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons provide an unprecedented opportunity for hospitals to revolutionize both the visitor and patient experience, whilst also improving...

How the Internet of Things is Delivering Experiential Wayfinding

6 minute read |
July 9, 2020
Updated July 9, 2020: This post was originally published on February 18th, 2015 and has been updated to reflect technology and market changes. “The Internet of Things...

What is the best system for achieving 'Blue Dot' indoors?

10 minute read |
July 9, 2020
While most of us are quite comfortable finding our way outdoors using the industry standard GPS, this solution is not functional indoors. So how do you go about finding...

What is Office Hoteling and How Can it Benefit the Workplace?

7 minute read |
July 8, 2020
Office hoteling, also known as hot desking, is the method of reserving office space and resources in an office instead of assigning employees a regular workspace or...

Social Distancing in the Workplace

4 minute read |
May 21, 2020

Security Vulnerabilities Facing Modern Workplaces

4 minute read |
April 22, 2020
As buildings become smarter and more connected, the risks and vulnerabilities that they face change as well. Many organizations have put measures in place to prevent the...

The Importance of Situational Awareness of Devices in Emergency Situations

4 minute read |
April 15, 2020
‘Situational awareness’ is essentially knowing what’s going on around you, understanding what’s happening, and projecting the future status. In the context of indoor...

Using Location Technology for Good in Times of Turbulence

5 minute read |
March 24, 2020
  In the midst of this global COVID-19 pandemic, many are wondering how technology can be leveraged in the service of public health to keep people safe and halt the spread...


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