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What is Context Awareness and How is it Used for Security?

10 minute read |
May 19, 2021
The Internet of Things (IoT) has the power to revolutionize the way people work, live, and interact with day-to-day objects. The vast majority of modern devices interface...

Inpixonite Profile: How Brad Takes Systems Engineering to the Next Level

5 minute read |
May 12, 2021
Inpixonites are made of something special, and Brad Devereaux is the perfect example of someone made of the right stuff! Brad is our Director of Systems Engineering, and...

IoT Security: The Issues, Challenges & Solutions

13 minute read |
April 28, 2021
As devices and technology become smarter and more connected, the risks and vulnerabilities that they face evolve as well. The Internet of Things (IoT) has been prevalent...

How to Use Geofencing to Improve RF Security Policies & Procedures

5 minute read |
April 22, 2021
The threat presented by wireless devices in sensitive areas is growing and as such, security measures need to evolve. Malicious actors can use the cameras, microphones,...

Indoor Mapping Engine for Map-Enabled Applications

12 minute read |
April 14, 2021
As a key component of our platform for many years, indoor mapping is an instrumental pillar to indoor intelligence. Inpixon’s indoor maps enable organizations to...

Smart Manufacturing & the IoT-Enabled Smart Factory

11 minute read |
April 8, 2021
In the manufacturing sector, optimization is the key to survival and success. With new technological advances, many companies are assessing how to take advantage of the...

Improving Situational Awareness in the Workplace with Device Detection Technology

7 minute read |
March 31, 2021
The concept of situational awareness has been around in the aviation, military and healthcare sectors for years. While it has its roots in combative environments, its...

Inpixonite Profile: Jeannie's Career Journey with Inpixon

12 minute read |
March 25, 2021
Inpixonites are made of something special, and Jeannie Ly is the perfect example of someone made of the right stuff! Jeannie is a Front End Developer at Inpixon. Having...

How to Build Exceptional Tenant Experiences with Location Technology

6 minute read |
March 24, 2021
Our working world has changed. While many organizations are heading back into the office, many won’t be requiring their employees to be on-site every day. Work-from-home...

How Manufacturing Facilities Use Real-Time Location Systems

10 minute read |
March 18, 2021
In manufacturing and production environments, real-time location systems provide asset tracking and positioning capabilities that enable facilities to identify the...

How to Transform into a Smart Office

17 minute read |
March 11, 2021
Across industries and sectors, organizations are embracing the revolutionary capabilities made possible by the connected workplace. In our recent overview of smart offices...

The Cost of Digital Distraction in Industrial Environments

12 minute read |
March 3, 2021
Digital distraction has become a big problem recently throughout multiple industries, but there are few industries where the impact is felt more strongly than in the...


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