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What is Office Hoteling and How Can it Benefit the Workplace?

7 minute read |
July 8, 2020
Office hoteling, also known as hot desking, is the method of reserving office space and resources in an office instead of assigning employees a regular workspace or...

Contact Tracing in the Workplace

4 minute read |
June 3, 2020

Social Distancing in the Workplace

3 minute read |
May 21, 2020

The Vulnerabilities Facing Modern Workplaces

4 minute read |
April 22, 2020
  As buildings become smarter and more connected, the risks and vulnerabilities that they face change as well. Many organizations have put measures in place to prevent...

The Importance of Situational Awareness of Devices in Emergency Situations

4 minute read |
April 15, 2020
‘Situational awareness’ is essentially knowing what’s going on around you, understanding what’s happening, and projecting the future status. In the context of indoor...

Using Location Technology for Good in Times of Turbulence

5 minute read |
March 24, 2020
  In the midst of this global COVID-19 pandemic, many are wondering how technology can be leveraged in the service of public health to keep people safe and halt the spread...

The Industries at Risk of Eavesdropping and Data Breaches

7 minute read |
March 12, 2020
Across the board, the number of data breaches and security incidents continue to rise every year, but some industries are feeling the pressure more than others. While...

Indoor Security: The Rooms that Must be Monitored

4 minute read |
February 27, 2020
On a large corporate campus, there are some areas that require greater sensitivity than others. As we shared in our recent article on smartphones in smart spaces, one of...

How Smartphones Enhance Productivity in Federal Government Agencies

5 minute read |
February 20, 2020
While the use of smartphones and personal devices in government offices is a contentious topic among management, the reality is that these devices are increasingly...

Smartphones in Smart Spaces: Why Secure WiFi Isn’t Enough

4 minute read |
February 13, 2020
Smartphones are ubiquitous in the workplace for good reason. They are important communication tools and productivity enhancers. They’re also the most common security...


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