September 6, 2018

60 Experts Share the Top IoT Trends of 2018 (Fascinating Insight!)

Wired Shopper

The editors at The Wired Shopper have interview the top industry thought leaders, including Jibestream's CEO, about the hottest and happening trends in the world of IoT and Connected Future.

"One of the major trends taking place in business IT is the evolving landscape of indoor mapping and positioning technologies. As sensors and hardware have become more accurate, businesses have started to leverage indoor location technologies to integrate data from their business and its outputs into a centralized platform. This is not only enabling businesses to enhance consumer experiences, but to generate real-time visual intelligence about their properties, track and manage assets, and centralize data from a variety of sources into a central 'source of truth'.

As the IoT continues to permeate into our economies, businesses will become more connected, departing from traditional trends in which departments are segmented and data exists in silos."

Chris Wiegand, CEO & Co-Founder, Jibestream

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