June 15, 2016

WSJ: Shopping Malls Embrace IoT

Parking and indoor navigation are among the key offerings according to The Wall Street Journal


The 'uberization' of nearly everything is happening all around us and at lightning speed. An app that you use and rely on today may very well be trumped by an even better app the next day. How does a mall landlord ensure that their solutions will provide real value for thier customers and be future proof?

As Esther Fung of the Wall Street Journal states, the goal for mall landlords is "to better connect with shoppers in hopes of sparking more activity”. Essentially, using technology enhancements to digitize traditional shopping malls, thereby bridging the gap with digital and enhancing the overall customer experience. If that sounds like a lofty idea to you then take a look at some of the innovative mall giants like General Growth Properties and Majid Al Futtaim who recognize that now is the critical time to invest in this technology. They are improving the customer experience and engagement and building the mall of tomorrow with today's technologically advanced customers.

A prime example according to CEO, Chris Wiegand—

"When driverless cars are available, how will they find your mall and how will they find parking? We’ll integrate mapping with the real-time parking system and make sure where we’re guiding people is closest to where they are going inside the mall.”

Interested to learn how Jibestream is helping malls set their space up for the future? Find out here in this Wall Street Journal article.

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Jeannie Ly

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