April 13, 2020

Hospitality Technology: Use Cases in Hospitality for Curbing Contagious Diseases


The article Asset Tracking Tech: Use Cases in Hospitality for Curbing Contagious Diseases featuring an interview with Inpixon CEO, Nadir Ali, first appeared on Hospitality Technology.

“COVID-19 has made contagious diseases – and the spread of that contagion – top of mind worldwide. For the hospitality industry, this will no doubt result in changes to the way surfaces are cleaned, the amount of times they are cleaned, and other similar measures. However, it is also possible that businesses such as airlines, hotels, restaurants, theme parks, trains, busses and the like – that encounter a large, diverse and constantly in-flux population of clientele – will be tasked with implementing technology that could test humans for possible signs of sickness and perhaps even track their movements to help find contagious individuals and those with whom they’ve been in contact. To better understand this idea of “asset tracking” and how it applies to the hospitality industry, Hospitality Technology spoke with Nadir Ali, CEO of Inpixon – an indoor data intelligence company, who is working with several government agencies to offer their technology and data to allocate potential threats.”

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