May 30, 2018

IPA Security for Corrections: Inpixon at Mock Prison Riot 2018

With the ever-growing problem of mobile phones being used by inmates, all Department of Correction (DoC) facilities around the world are working hard to find a solution. Interdiction and manage access solutions can control phones from a cellular perspective, but Inpixon can easily assist with providing location-based services on cellular, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth signals operating on-site. By positioning radio-frequency (RF) signals on a floor plan, Inpixon Indoor Positioning Analytics (IPA) Security software has proven to visually represent devices operating in inmate sleeping quarters, common areas, workshops, or any administrative buildings.

Mock Prison Riot 2018

As an exhibitor at Mock Prison Riot 2018, the IPA Security solution was on full display. IPA Security provides 24/7 detection of RF signals and allows users to set alerts to geofenced zones. These alerts are displayed via pop-ups, audio alarms, or email messages for the correction officers that require the information. This gives actionable intel for swift action or can be used to generate detailed reports of unauthorized use within restricted areas. While detecting unauthorized devices, the IPA solution also tracks known Wi-Fi or Bluetooth devices as well. This gives the operators the ability to track staff throughout the compound (as long as Inpixon IPA Sensors are covering the space).

Below is a short video demo displaying IPA’s ability to detect and position RF signals coming from mobile devices at Mock Prison Riot 2018:

CERT Peace of Mind

Giving Correction Emergency Responses Teams (CERT) the ability to see devices with 2 - 5 meter accuracy will change the game considerably. Take back the airwaves and have peace of mind with IPA Security. Contact our approved resellers or the Inpixon Federal Team for more details.

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