June 20, 2017

Protect Your Company From The Internet Of Everything [On-Demand]


We have entered a time of continuous connectivity. All of our devices are now connected to access information. But do you know all the devices that are connected? In this world of the Internet of Everything, it is easy to overlook which devices are connected and which are transmitting information without your knowledge.

You need to understand what devices are connected to your data, your network and your other devices. Join this session to learn:

– Devices that could be out there
– How they can be a threat to your company
– How you can protect your company’s valuable assets from the Internet of Everything

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About the Speaker:

Pamela Gupta is President of OutSecure Inc., a cyber-security strategy creation company that focuses on protecting her clients by identifying & mitigating cyber risks that can severely impact their revenue or Brand or result in compliance gaps.

With a powerful resume in Security Program definition and Strategy at major global Fortune 500 companies, Pamela founded OutSecure Inc., to assist clients in protecting themselves with a strategic security program. She has created Security programs for Global Brands such As Time Warner, Starwood (Marriott) Hotels, Unilever, Prudential and others.

Pamela is a Security thought leader, with cybersecurity expertise in Risk Management, Security Architecture & Compliance.

Her areas of focus include emerging technology and governance in Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, big data & analytics – and their implications on information risk, physical risk and privacy.

She is a frequent presenter at various Business Executive roundtables, Boards and Security Summits. She is Founder & Chair of the Northeast Annual Cybersecurity Summit. Hear her speak about the top 5 Cybersecurity Myths holding Businesses back on youtube.

Email: Pamela.Gupta@outsecure.com
Twitter: @pamegup, @outsecure

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