May 12, 2021

Using Indoor Intelligence to Improve Tenant Experiences


The article 'Using Indoor Intelligence to Improve Tenant Experiences' by Nadir Ali first appeared in the Mann Report.

"The challenges facing the corporate real estate sector today are plentiful and varied, due in large part to the impact of COVID-19 on the world of work. While many organizations are either already heading back into the office or are planning for a September return to work, many have opted to embrace hybridized working formats and won't require their employees to be on site every day moving forward. Work-from-home has well and truly transformed into work-from-anywhere, and the nature of engagement with offices and corporate workplaces is drastically altered. Physical offices have become collaboration zones, rather than a place to send emails, and, in light of public health and safety changes, the often-maligned open floor plan is being retrofitted with partitions and cubicle walls. As workplaces evolve physically and our physical presence in them is altered, commercial developers, owners and managers would be wise to take heed."

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