Hospital Wheelchair Tracking & the Impact of Inefficient Asset Management

February 20, 2018 by Jody Shaffer
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Hospitals have reported an annual attrition rate of up to 25% for lost and stolen wheelchairs. To truly understand the repercussions this has on a hospital, it's imperative to look at the impact this has on operations, workflows, and patient experiences.

To begin with, there is the resulting loss in personnel productivity as staff waste valuable time searching for wheelchairs. There is also the ensuing negative impact on patient experience as a shortage of wheelchairs means a lack of transportation options for patients. 

Wheelchairs are an integral part of patient care. This infographic explores the effects of inefficient wheelchair tracking in hospitals and what can be done to improve retention rates and save hospitals millions of dollars.


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Jody Shaffer is the VP of Marketing for Inpixon. Beyond her passion for marketing, Jody aspires to run a half marathon. She gets lots of practice chasing her two young daughters around the house.